TaylorMade RBZ HP 4-PW, AW Iron Set (RH)

Though this event is sold out, you may find the open box version at the Moofi event here (for less):

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What they meant is if you pull out a7 iron from 150 today, when you buy the rbzs you will pull out an 8 iron. The club manufacturers got cute and put an 8 on the top of a club that was lofted like a traditional 7iron. That way average Joe golfer thinks he can hit the snot out of their clubs, when actually it’s just a marketing/mind game. All that being said, these clubs are nice. Nice enough that everyone in my family now hits them. I updated my 90s black cats, my brother upgraded his firesoles and my other brother upgraded from an older Taylor made set. We are all very happy with them. Good luck on your hunt for irons.

Has anybody gotten theirs yet? I ordered the Moofi ones Oct 2, the same day of this Woot, and mine are out for delivery today.

I received my shipment of the regular flex clubs on Friday, October 11th. So it only took a week to ship. Everything was shipped in good condition and it was the correct shaft flex.

Unfortunately, my golf game did not improve on the first round using them.