TaylorMade RBZ Max Iron Set (RH or LH)

**Item: **TaylorMade RBZ Max Iron Set (RH or LH)
Price: $399.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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F-F-F-Flawless victory - Great reviews and info on the product site


Perfect reviews (and a video!) over at golfsmith.com

lookie lookie…free shipping here plus 15% off.

Ehhhh…might not be exactly the same…(not the max)

Model number? When did these first release?

I’ll see what I can find out, and post an update as soon as I have it.

I have really become gun shy with Woot. My last two orders did not go through and I ended up with no product. They gave me some lame excuse about security. They gave same generic response both times. I have made 8 previous purchases. I called Visa and asked them if there was a problem and everything was fine on their end. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

I’ve purchased dozens (My wife would argue 100s) of items with 0 issues. Woot is the best!

Bought these the first time they were up for sale. I had used Taylormade CGB Max’s for years and figured these would be very similar as both are supposed to be Super Game Improvement irons.

Played one round with them and sold them at a loss on Ebay. Absolutely hated the shafts in them as they weren’t stable enough. The long irons were awful and felt uncomfortable.

Overall I would not recommend these to anyone. Do yourself a favor and try them at your local golf shop first. You’ll see Ebay is flooded with these.

Lefties only is selling these for $1,195.

Bought the ladies set a few weeks ago on woot for $50 more!! o well. These clubs are unbelievable!! Increased my game dramatically. The grips are awesome. Added alot of distance to my shots and a very easy club to hit. Highly recommend this set for this price

Warning to all. Woot has been sending out the wrong sets i.e. missing clubs or wrong dexterity. They then respond back with a generic reply saying they would look into it. As you sit and wait for a week you have to email them again. That is when they offer you a horrible partial refund and just apply it to your account without approval. I don’t know where woot gets the clubs or who actually verifies that the model numbers are correct before posting them. My last set of clubs came out of City of Industry in CA and yes it was wrong description on the website. I was offered $20 refund for a $100 club that was missing.

The guys had it right before. Order from a reliable company that will stand behind the products they sell.

Check out BBB on Woot. They have had a long history of screwing the customers. They now have a D+ rating.

i believe that they came out in year 2011. here is the style number from TaylorMade for 1 of option, N1334507

The reviews seem to put you in the minority. I hope that is the case as I bought these.

I would have said the same thing 2 weeks ago. Why an order can be acknowledged by email, show up on stuff you bought and in the last instance show up on the Visa statement on line and then just disappear is very frustrating. And get no explanation is worse.

How about my last two orders that just disappeared. No explanation, just security issues. My theory, and only a theory, is they did not like the freight. So the orders just disappeared. Who knows, but really disappointed. Don’t offer $5.00 for the whole order if it will not work.

Are these clubs legit or are the counterfeit?

How can we be certain that these are genuine? Who is supplying these sets?