TaylorMade RBZ Max Iron Set (RH or LH)

**Item: **TaylorMade RBZ Max Iron Set (RH or LH)
Price: $399.99
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Condition: New

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Let’s check out this video [youtube=R_q5ANUZxXk][/youtube]

Lot’s of additional video and reviews can be found over at the product page

Some additional info, videos and reviews can be found over at golfsmith.com

Picked these gems up last month, and couldn’t be happier. Woot sent the wrong ones, but they found their own accident before I got a chance to hit them and they were super fast at getting me the correct clubs. If you are using some crappy clubs now and want an affordable upgrade, get these.

Wow… that 4 iron looks hideous!

After watching the video I’m just wondering. Do these irons have forgiveness where you need it?

TaylorMade’s “Max” irons are marketed as being their most forgiving in the RBZ line (they’re in the overall club category “Max Game Improvement”).

The ones on sale here look like the 2012 model. You can see a test synopsis from Golf Magazine here: http://www.golf.com/equipment/taylormade-rocketballz-max

Note the line in the review: “good option for slow swingers with a sweeping swing”. If you know you have a steep swing (you always take a deep divot, for instance) this might be a consideration.

TaylorMade is constantly releasing new clubs for all skill levels, and they’re almost always very popular immediately. The RBZ woods in particular made a lot of converts because of their distance properties. But basically, all TaylorMade clubs have a pretty solid reputation for quality and playability if you choose the model that fits your game.

(Tip: if you get these or any other clubs, the first thing you should do is go to a fitter and have them adjusted to your swing, if possible. That will make a bigger difference than brand.)

edit: I see that the only right handed clubs remaining are the ones with stiff shafts. If you don’t know why that’s important, these probably aren’t for you. Wait until Woot offers clubs with “Regular” or “Senior” flex options (if you’re a senior). Shaft flex is of primo importance.

I bought a set with the regular shafts a couple of months ago. I am 56 and about a 15 handicap. Before these clubs I had a set of 15 year old cavity back irons that I really liked. It has a taken a while to get used to striking the ball correctly with these, but now that I have, I now have to get used to new yardages! The thicker sole does take a little getting used to. These clubs are 1 to 2 clubs longer than my old clubs. I now hit a stock 7 iron 170. With the old clubs I was hitting it 150.


Guys these clubs are diff from the deal last time on Woot…


These one (Better) - MAX


There’s good reason for that…

If you handed me a golf club that was:

  • 37.75" long
  • with 26* of loft, and
  • a swingweight of D3.5

I’d say I was holding a 5 iron that someone had adjusted a couple degrees strong, making it play right between a 4 and 5 iron. Yet TaylorMade insists that this is same club is called a “6 iron.”

From there, all they need to do is manipulate shaft flex – put stiff flex labels on their regular flex shafts, regular flex labels on senior shafts, and so on – and that 6 is flying like a 4 iron, probably further…and that 7 iron is traveling like a 5.

Shoot, I should hope it’s “TaylorMade’s Longest Iron Ever.”

[/grumpy old man]

I Play the Rocketbladze & thye are great club and not these exact clubs, but make sure you know what you are buying.

Some of you are confusing these rocketballz max with the regular rocketballz. Their are big differences in these clubs and not in just price.

Golfsmith has these MAX irons marked down in grahite @ $700.00, steel for $600.00 so it is a good deal.

If you are a single digit handicaper or like to work the ball both ways these are not for you.

Yea, these are nowhere close to $1,299 regularly.