TaylorMade Rocketbladez HL Iron Set (RH)

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TaylorMade Rocketbladez HL Iron Set (RH)
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $16 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Jul 17 to Friday, Jul 18) + transit
Condition: New


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Golfwrx wrote some stuff

Here’s a couple of reviews from:
Amateur Golf and My golf spy.

Check out what @mrphillipswoot had to say in the last sale

Never any love for the lefties :frowning:

Need a top down view, that’s the most common view when you’re setting up to swing!

This needs to be said to clarify every time these come up: These are not the same as the standard RocketBladez that you normally see for sale elsewhere and can easily find reviews on.

The ‘HL’ designation means that these have an increased loft from standard clubs, so if you are comparing price make sure you are comparing against the HL set elsewhere. More importantly, be sure that you want an increased loft set before you pull the trigger here.

I’m not sure if this is worth it. Just yesterday Golfsmith’s daily deal was a demo set of the speedblade irons(4-9, AW, PW) for $100 more.

I’m waiting for Titleist AP1’s to show up on Woot.

I bought the set during one of the prior Woot offerings and lost the sand wedge my first time out (of course, the first time I ever lose a club is right after I get a new set!). Bummed and looking for a replacement. It was the Rocketbladez HL, right-handed, steel, regular. If anyone has picked up the set and willing to sell their sand wedge, please comment. Thanks!

The “z” designation means that they’re sensitive to the street-thug community. Maybe they’re trying to break into the baseball-bat-I’m-gonna-hurt-your-family racket?

I always have a lot of LOFT in my clubs…

Lack of Friggen Talent.

Just to piggy back on what you are saying, these clubs are lofted 1 degree higher than the standard version and 1 degree lower than the tour version. This will make next to no difference to a typical golfer.

The biggest difference between the HL version and the others is that the HL version DOES NOT have the speed pocket, which is the feature Taylormade added to the RBZ’s to differentiate the Rocketbladez. If the speed pocket is important, that is a personal preference, but most people that have been looking at TM irons know that Rocketbladez added the speedpocket to the RBZ’s, but the HL’s do not include it.

That in my opinion is the bigger difference in this version. I am not saying the speed pocket is a benefit or a drawback, that’s personal preference.

On a second note for people who haven’t replaced their clubs in a while, the lofts on the newer clubs are roughly 3 degrees lower by club then the older versions. Therefore, if you normally hit a 7 iron 150 yards, thanks to the 3 degree difference, you now hit an 8 iron into 150 yards. This is also why they eliminated the 3 iron.

This is where the “15 yards longer” claim comes from. In essence, the club number is like the cake thinking it’s nutritious, a liar.

I went from a sent of 90’s black cat lynx’s to RBZ’s last year. Distance improved, mishits improved, but it doesn’t feel as pure as the black cats did when I hit them right. Overall, the irons didn’t make a huge difference for me. The woods on the other hand were night and day difference.

This is a very nice set of irons for a very nice price.

Here’s the way I see it. If you are, or are buying for, a player who shoots somewhere between the mid 80s and low 100s, these clubs will work for you. If you are looking to replace either a well worn older set of irons, or have improved enough to want a higher quality set than the ones you picked up at Target when you first started, these clubs at $299 will work for you. Golfsmith has the same set today for $60 more.

Given who should be using this set of clubs, I really don’t see the issue with the HL. From what I can tell, the loft variance is going to be almost completely irrelevant. There is a degree of loft difference between the standard set and this set on the 4-7 and the PW, or SW. So the 4 iron is 21 degrees here and 20 degrees on the standard set. The 8 iron is only a half degree different and the 9 iron is 40 degrees in both sets.

If you are a 20 handicap player, what difference does it make if the loft on your 6 iron is 26.5 or 27.5? You can literally save $200-$250 by purchasing the HL set here instead of the standard set. You adjust on the course by learning that you hit your 7 iron 160 yards instead of 164 yards and you take that $250 and go buy yourself some lessons, which will be money MUCH better spent if you want to enjoy playing golf.

So basically what I’m saying is that if you are mid-handicap player and are in the market for new irons, there is nothing wrong with this set if you like the way they look.

I would personally recommend taking the AW over the SW if you are in the lower range of handicaps and then purchasing a nice SW and even an LW to round out the set. That will give you four wedges from PW 46, AW 51, SW 56 and LW 60 that should cover any situation you’ll ever face. I’d also ditch the 4 iron in this set and replace it with a 21 degree hybrid, but that’s just me.

ETA: Ah! I didn’t know that about the speed pocket, which might make a little bit of difference. Other than that, I still think this set would be a good purchase for the golfers it is aimed at.

Lots of clubs lately! Not minding it!

What is the shaft in these irons?

just went to add the exact same comment and you beat me to it. Woot, why do you hate lefties so?

You know, I was wondering how these pros were hitting a PW 150+ yards when I can only get 125. That explains a lot. Sweet, I am not a weakling.

This is what someone on shaft said the last time they had it on sale. Not sure if it’s changed or not.

The steel shaft is a Rocketfuel 85 Steel with a RBladez grip - 47.50