TaylorMade Speedblade Iron Set

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TaylorMade Speedblade Iron Set
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TaylorMade Iron’s Page with Excellent Reviews

About time for the new ones to come out. Not that great a saving. Wait another month.

Only if I didn’t have three sets of “amazing” irons. If you suck at golf, like me, no amount of money you spend on hardware will improve your game. Improving your game requires three things for the ‘I suck at golf’ person:
quality lessons;
quality fundamental practice multiple times a week, and;
a quality foursome that plays every week, rain or shine, sickness and death, etc.
But this looks like a very good deal for the golfer that meets the three qualifications above.

I guess drivers aren’t necessarily part of a set of clubs, but no putter either?

Drivers, woods and putters only come with “beginner” sets. Most non beginners buy Drivers, Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges, and Putters separately.

maybe they figure since you might not hit the green you won’t need a putter.

Also if you are a “beginner”, you probably shouldn’t even be using a driver because it’s really hard to use it effectively.

Also drivers, woods, putters, and to some extent wedges are very personalized while an iron set, as long as they keep the same loft gap consistency and feel can be effectively sold in sets.

Plus everyone usually carries at least a 4-PW. Others will carry a variety of different combinations and ratios of wedges, fairway woods, hybrids, or rescue clubs.

what flex is available? I need stiff flex

Flex? I need stiff flex

I have the ‘regular’ version of these clubs (non-HL variety).
What I like about them -
I was getting about 5-10 yards more than my previos game-improvement irons, they look awesome (I love the matte finish and the appearance at address), I got great distance even off of mis-hits.

However, ultimately I have replaced them to go back to my game improvement irons, because simply put, I am not a consistent enough golfer to use these. While I got great distance off of mis-hits, I struggled to put the ball straight (my fault). The clubs are VERY light to me and I really didn’t like the grips (will be getting them regriped), they are too thin and I get a little handsy with them. Hopefully at some point I graduate to using these clubs. I would argue that if you are a beginner or anyone that needs ‘HL’ clubs; you should probably go for a more ‘game-improvement’ variety then these.

These are uniflex (regular), my guess is that they don’t make the ‘HL’ version in stiff flex.

Hey woot,
How about just once you sell a set of left handed irons?

Thanks, Phil, Mike, Bubba, and me.

They have in the woot plus or woot off. I believe they were Callaways