TaylorMade Tourino Stand Bag and Towel

Like I said … Bag dimensions: 2.11 ft tall by 1 ft wide

This will be perfect for my 2.66 ft tall clubs. How tall is it - really?

I guess this is in honor of Tiger Woods being back? lol

“like a Centauri hates a Narn”

haha that brings back memories. still not buying these golf clubs

Product Reviews Post on the TaylorMade Stand Bag


Maybe it’s that tall when it’s on its legs.

Pretty well reviewed on Buzzillions. The only complaint was that it was a little small for a full set of clubs. Probably not bad for a casual golfer.


In DR. STRANGELOVE, OR HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB, USAF General Jack D. Ripper used a golf bag to carry around his trusty Browning .30 machine gun.

I have been feeling a little weird because I don’t ever ask for things for myself and I did sort of mention a few times in the posts that I would like to some fishing gear wooted off.

I mean, I thought perhaps there were fewer people that were wooters who also fish than I orgonally thought. Perhaps, i thought, there are so few fishermen out there that it was just silly for me to think that they might woot somthing i’d like.

But Today I feel a little differently, cause this is a freaking Golf bag. If They can woot off a golf bag surely they can woot some fishing stuff. Am I crazy? Is Golfing more popular Than Fishing? I do not think so.
Am I wrong on that point? I would surely think that Fishing would beat out golfing by a considerable margin.

Anyway - Nice Bag Man!

Yes, an assortment of crankbaits or spinnerbaits like Booyah! would be nice. Or a top end baitcast combo would also be nice. Some of us don’t have Bass Pro Shops in our backyards…

I hate golf

Bags… big enough to hide the bodies… or parts of it.

So, the towel, that’s a Hitchhiker’s Guide reference, no?

Most standard size golf bags are around that. mine is 2.11 my dads is 3. and most golf clubs are only about 3ish. fits the clubs nicely!

aww, i thought this was a sports bag for clothes and junk :frowning:

I just want the towel.

The people at woot are clearly the kind of froods who know where their towels are.

$69 + $20-$30 shipping. Shipping a bag that size will cost a pretty penny. And Woot only costs the price of any regular sub at subway! (guess im not having lunch tomorrow). I’m in for one. Mainly cuz I’m tired of laying my old bag on the ground, since it has no fold out props.

This bag seems really small.
My driver is 45". Is this bag REALLY considerably smaller than the golf towel?

I need another bag, so I guess I’m in for 1. I play MP33s, BlackOxs, 975D and a Scotty.
Mizuno, Titleist… So I guess A TaylorMade bag won’t matter so much. Especially if I pick up an old R7.

Great bag - in for one. Must have it shipped to office so wife does not find out. Then I’d have to tell her about the new set of irons I bought last month. That will undoubtedly lead to much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I play a Taylormade r510 tour driver, Miz MP-32 irons, Vokey wedges, a Scotty putter, and Sonartec hybrids. This bag will do just fine.

dont buy a worthless TaylorMade bag! Ping is where it’s at. TaylorMade clubs,bags,and whatever other equipment that they make are junk. People that carry TaylorMade stuff remind me of the golfers who cant play,but insist on having good equipment so they can think that they have a good game. By far Ping makes the best bags,i’ve had mine long time, and yes i just said long time. But,as for the people who want to buy this bag hopefully u get the Orange one so I can see you out there off in that fairway bunker, so i know it’s ok to play through…ur not going anywhere for a while!! hahaha