TCL 1080p 120Hz LED Roku TVs - 40 & 48"

Got the 40" last time these were offered. Set it up in the teen entertainment room to replace a dead original Roku. Setup was a breeze and took about 10 minutes. They are cord-cutters so it serves all of their TV viewing needs. A huge upgrade from what was there. Would buy again if I needed another TV.

Did yours have the flashlighting and light bleeding issue? I got it the last time and ended up sending it back because it was so terrible.

It also seems to take a long time to start up or shut down, and when I woke up in the middle of the night I could tell the screen was slightly illuminated.

Any idea what the model number is on the 40 inch version? Debating on getting to use as a PC monitor. PC mag gave one of the TCLs 40 inch tvs a pretty good review.

I purchased the 32" version of this product (not from Woot). Big mistake!

  1. Takes forever to ‘boot up’
  2. Regularly does not turn on, and requires that it be unplugged, wait a few minutes, then re-boot.
  3. For OTA viewing, receiver is not selective or sensitive. Lots of pixelation, on an antenna that works fine for other TV sets tested.
  4. Contacting ‘help’ resulted in 2 suggestions for reloading and restarting with no improvement.
  5. I would not recommend this product family.