TCL 1080p LED Roku TVs-40,48 & 55"

Just what I need… Is it a good tv


I have 2 TLC Roku 32’s, and they’re both good tv’s.

Good stuff;

Decent interface;
I like the start screen,
when you turn it on, there’s a menu screen with all your ‘apps’ on it
(Live TV is one, Amazon, Netflix, whatever)

Roku has a wide variety of apps (was the widest of all the streamers, not sure anymore)

Simple remote is actually pretty handy, I don’t miss the number buttons but some might

Picture quality, streaming quality, etc are all good on my 32’s
but I don’t have any larger versions of this tv than that

Bad stuff (for me);

No Ethernet input
No RCA output

^these are the two deal breakers for me and the reason I use a different brand for my larger tvs.

The wireless connection on the tv is very good,
but since I don’t move my smart tv’s around I run ethernet to them and prefer that

I also like to connect an audio receiver to them.
There is a toslink digital audio output but not RCA

Other negatives (for me);
I don’t like the direct link Netflix Amazon Rdio vudu buttons on the remote.

You’re watching Amazon or YouTube, but if you hit the Vudu button when you grab the remote to turn up the volume, it shuts down what you were watching and goes right to Vudu (or whatever)

Good tv’s, especially at this price,
but not perfect for everyone.

Is there an extended warranty available for this TV?

You can reach out to Square Trade up to 30 days after purchase (or before purchase) to check their options for an extended warranty on this product.

No, that’s not an option. This is the Square Trade policy regarding refurbished items.

Hmmmm. I’m going to have to research this question further before I can provide an accurate answer. Hang tight!

Ok. Hanging tight :confused:

SquareTrade does not sell warranties for refurbished items direct to consumers. You have to go through an authorized affiliate, like Woot.

The SqTr warranty is now available for purchase at the top of the features.

(TSH is new and learning.)

Missed the deal, but that’s a good option for the future. Thanks you