TCL 32" 720p Roku Smart LED TV w/ Wi-Fi

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TCL 32" 720p Roku Smart LED TV w/ Wi-Fi
Price: $155.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Thursday, Mar 19 to Tuesday, Mar 24) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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I bought this TV from WOOT(electronics) last week and set it up 2 days ago. The Roku integration is great. Take the cost of a Roku 2/3 and a generic 32" TV and you will not be able to beat this price.

I bought this about a month ago. Very easy to use, happy with picture quality. I’m considering buying a larger one for our basement set up… that’s a hint, Woot.

Only thing I don’t like: there’s a light that is always on when the unit is powered off. For a bedroom, it creates more light than we want. Hard to cover up because it’s also the remote sensor.

Got one of these on the last Woot Off and it’s great so far. Still have cable, so using the Cable Co’s Roku app means it’s easy to find the HD versions of the shows kids want to watch, plus very easy menu navigation for everything.

Spouse loves the HBO GO app because HBO’s On Demand sucks and the fact that the remote has only 10 or 15 buttons, if that.

Don’t know if I’d want this as the centerpiece of my home theater, but as a second TV that’s easy for kids and luddites to operate, it’s great.

Where are the 4K TVs?

Does this have the remote with the headset jack built in? Thanks

No, the remote does not have the headset jack.

Thanks, that is the one thing I need.

Can I get to media files on my computer with this?

New at Walmart for only $188. Not sure if ~$20 + tax is worth a refurbished tv.

WalMart appears to have discontinued these, so if you want one this may be your only source. You won’t regret it.

One thing of note: this TV has an odd rectangular (100mm x 200mm) VESA bolt pattern. If you have a wall mount, check compatibility first.

What you say is true, but good luck with finding it at WalMart. It appears to be discontinued (Sam’s no longer carries the 40" version either) so you will be limited to whatever is in store inventory wherever you find it.

Beware: when I went shopping for mine at WalMart the store attempted to substitute a different TV.

Does Comcast still block HBO Go on Roku? Last I knew it was still blocked on PS3/4 players.

Thanks Woot. This would be a lot harder to pass up at 1080p. But at 720p, I really have no problem.

at 32" you can not tell the difference between 720 and 1080.

Does this use an I/R remote or the wifi remote like a Roku 3?

Can I download the plex app on this tv?

Yes, Roku has the Plex App for $5

They’re over here: