TCL 32" 720p Roku Smart LED TV w/ Wi-Fi

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TCL 32" 720p Roku Smart LED TV w/ Wi-Fi
Price: $155.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Feb 16 to Thursday, Feb 19) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Questions/Answers over at Walmart

Just bought 3 of these. This is by far my most expensive purchase here on woot. I hope my kids are happy!

Doesn’t seem like a good deal. Brand new at with free pick-up for $188. This would cost me ~$174 with shipping and taxes.

always remember you’re really dealing with amazon here, they bought woot

Does your local Walmart also not charge taxes? Based on your $174 figure it seems like you have 8% sales tax, wouldn’t that make your “deal” $203 instead? Local availability is also a big if.

I bought the 55 inch version of this which is 1080P instead of 720P. That being said…at 32 inches…720P will be just fine for most. I love the Roku TV experience. It’s menu’s are snappy and the interface is sleek.

Make sure you have a good wifi signal where you will place this TV. It only does wifi…no ethernet port. The picture on mine is very good and there are plenty of options to tweak it.

I might buy one of these for the bedroom once I figure out if I like the bargain :slight_smile:

hey WOOT, what is UP with the video ADS on your page?? during a WOOT OFF? They can’t be muted, and every few minutes I hear a verizon ad over my internet radio.
shut off the video ads during a woot off!

This “deal” is lousy for a refurb. Shop around. I just bought 40" last weekend. I saw prices under $200 for new 32" smart TV’s at more than one store. If this was a better name/quality or new it would be a deal. Hey Amazon, try to remember why woot! became popular. Really good deals.

For me its $200 new from walmart vs $170 refurb here. Not a deal. C’mon woot, you can do better than that!

Free ship to store and instant return/refund for any reason may be worth it?

Does anyone know how good the sound is on these (in terms of output level)? I’m thinking of getting one for my workout room, but I have a bike trainer (stand/mount) and while riding my bike (1-2 hours) it makes quite a bit of noise. I was hoping I could watch TV while working out, whether on the bike or on the bench.

Not a good one this time, going to pick one up at Walmart.

My 40" TCL needed a cheap-o soundbar to sound good, but then almost all tvs these days have rear-firing speakers which are terrible. Plan on adding a small soundbar regardless of what you buy.

that said I am very pleased with my 40" roku/soundbar combo.

Here’s your Box of Crap deal, folks.

I have the 55" and I LOVE it. But, I have found the volume level directly from the TV is not great. Sometimes we have to push the volume up to 75 to hear it. And I have very sensitive hearing, so I usually complain that the TV is too loud.

+1 that. Reduce the price by $40 and this becomes a good deal.

Walmart was selling these for something like $140 - $150 over the holidays, and they flew off of the endcaps. Never made it to the shelves orthe display wall.

No. The return policy is much different between the two. You deal with Woot not Amazon if you need to return it.