TCL 32" 720p Roku Smart LED TV w/ Wi-Fi

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TCL 32" 720p Roku Smart LED TV w/ Wi-Fi
Price: $155.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Reviews and Q&A over at Walmart

Will my remote from my Roku 3 work on this? The remote that comes with this model does not have a headphone jack on the remote like the one that comes with the Roku 3 has. A much needed feature.

I have the 55 inch version of this TV and really like it. Since the display specs are a bit different I will primarily comment on the Roku TV interface. It is identical in most ways to a Roku 3 interface. There are plenty of picture settings to help you fine tune the color, brightness and back lighting. The navigation is fast and the menu structure is very logical. Adding it to my existing Roku account was very easy and all my channels came over just fine (more on that later).

I do wish they had an ethernet port on the TV so i could hard wire it. That being said…I only have wireless G and I have no issues streaming high bitrate content from Netflix and Amazon. There is one private Roku channel I use that will not stream correctly on the Roku TV that streams fine on my Roku 3 and XD. The video lags the audio on the high bitrate stream (3200 Kbps).I am hopeful that a future update to the Roku will resolve that issue. All primary channels like Netflix, Amazon and PBS work great.

I have not owned any other “smart tv” before because I figured the TV maker would never update their apps and they wouldn’t put much horsepower behind their hardware. Now you have the proven Roku platform married to a TV. That’s pretty smart and so far my experience with this TV has been great.

Im holding out for Woot to do a 40 inch of this.

Which Private Channel doesn’t work - Plex?

Will this do miracast?

Does anyone know if this TV will support the Sling TV app. I know it will work on Roku Lt and higher.

This is an interesting idea. It’s a Roku with built in 32" display-- like a really big tablet.

So you don’t actually need television signal (although there’s a co-ax input).

Interesting…although I don’t want TV in my kids rooms and it’s refreshing to have some media free oases in the house.

What do you think?


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Plex works great on my 55’. Better than my playstation 3 over wifi.

Does anyone know if the Netflix app on this is updated to Roku 3 interface where if you have different user settings you can select the specific user? The Roku 2 does not have this feature.

Where is the power button on the TV itself? Bottom? Side? Back?

Does the USB picture-file slideshow loop automatically like a digital picture-frame, or does it play through the files once and stop?

Here’s the manual for it if that helps.

I’ve got this from last time. Great tv for a spare bedroom

re: Roku 3 remote - won’t work. this remote is IR, not Bluetooth or otherwise wireless. The TV will work with the Roku app for your phone.

Doesn’t support Miracast, so far, that I know of.

It does do Sling TV, which is why I bought it. It works well.

Power button is on the bottom right. There’s also a power button on the side of the remote.

I don’t know about the slideshow, but I would expect it cycles.

One thing I will say, Watch ESPN doesn’t exist on Roku TV. I had to have Sling to get ESPN. Which sucked a bit.

I’ll tell you I really like the TV. The integration of the OTA tuner is nice, although I only get perfect reception on half of my local channels without properly mounting the antenna.

One small note - the TV does take a few seconds to “boot up” before the TV kicks in. It’s about 10 seconds, maybe, compared to the 2 seconds on my junky JVC tv.

4/5, would buy again.

It does on the 55" version.

WatchESPN is out now for Roku TV. See

This is a very fine smart TV. Add a cheapo sound bar and you have everything you need for a great mid-size setup.

But they’re still $188.00 plus tax for a new one at Wal-Mart, ship-to-store, vs. $161.00 plus tax from Woot for a refurb, with no easy return in case of DOA. Wal-Mart still wins, in my book.

I still wonder why Wal-Mart seems to be the only source for this product.

I don’t own this TV, but I did recently purchase a 50" TCL LED TV and at first I was skeptical as it wasn’t a brand I was familiar with. After visiting the TCL website and reading their “About Us” section I was sold, they have been around for decades but usually behind the scenes and their price is cheaper.

I’ve had the 50" for almost two weeks and so far I am very happy with my purchase, picture is better than my previous Vizio 32" smart TV. The blacks are deep and Blu-rays look very sharp. Recently watched Desolation of Smaug and I was impressed with the quality.

If you’re on the fence because of the brand, check out