TCL 40" 1080p 120Hz LED Roku TV

Got one of these when it was offered on sellout last week. Lasted a day and it he bezel started peeling away from the screen leaving a nice blinding white line.

Customer service said they had no replacements and they would have to refund my money… yet here there are :frowning:

These ship directly from the vendor and a replacement would involve a very long process of getting your TV to us, then to them for credit, and then them shipping one out to you.

It’s faster for us to refund you so you can have your money back in your hands.

I’m sorry for the problems.

I got mine today and am trying to set it up somehow, I deleted the cable option and I cannot get it back! I did live chat with Roku but I think it is the actual set that is the problem. I have it connected to the internet but also to a cable box and would love to get those stations as I am a ROYALS fan! what do I do?

Maybe this is the problem?

** Can the “cable” input be set to default when you turn on the TV or do you have to hit the Roku interface first?**

Yes, in the settings menu the TV can be set to always turn on to a specific input. The TV can also be set to power on to the last input used or the Roku TV home screen.

Found it at the TCL support site.