TCL 49in 4K UHD Smart Roku TV



TCL 49in 4K UHD Smart Roku TV


I’ve got two of these, and two more of the S405 series TV’s. Love them all. Fantastic value.


Don’t see it in the specs…what is the weight of the TV?

Found it on Amazon’s post. 25 pounds. Pretty important to know if you plan on hanging it on the wall.


I bought a NEW 55" TCL Roku TV just before Christmas off woot for $299. Are these today a good deal?


I suspect this is the one you bought:

This one is $50 less, refurbished, and the screen is 6.1 inches smaller. Specs are essentially the same. I bought this same TV on woot in November when it was $269.99

I think it’s a pretty good deal. Perhaps your 55" was slightly better value…depends how much that extra 6 inches is worth. In my case, 50" was about the max I could fit in the particular room. You don’t see many 50-ish inch 4K HDR Smart TVs for this price, so I was happy.


Does anyone know if the Hulu app on this TV allow you to pick your profile? I’ve seen several Hulu apps embedded on devices go into the default profile and not let you switch. Thanks.


The 50S423 is $299 at Costco (new). How does this compare?


Basically the same, but the Costco one has a screen that is 1 inch larger.


I don’t think this is much of a deal, for $30 more you can buy it brand new at

Seriously drop the price another $50 at least for a refurbished product.


Not completely sure, but this is a Roku device, so Hulu isn’t “embedded” – it’s just the standard Roku app. So if you can access the profile with a standard alone Roku then you can with this one as well.