TCL 55-inch 4k Smart TV

I’ve had the 55" 4K version of this TV for a few months. I like it, but it’s not perfect. The Roku software gets confused and sometimes requires a power cycle for the TV. Lately I’m noticing artifacts on the screen while I’m streaming a 4K Netflix show. I’ve contacted TCL support but I’m still troubleshooting and trying to nail down when it happens. They (of course) recommended a system reset which will require logging into everything again.

All in all, for the price this is a great set. I did buy a SquareTrade warranty just in case it does go tits up on me.

What is the actual refresh rate? “Features” say 120hz, “Specs” say 60hz.

55" of 4K glory arrived today. taken out of box (which looked fine, powered up… only to find the screen damaged beneath the outer layer! Woot wants to refund me. says there’s no more inventory… already had the old TCL 39" Roku TV off the wall and it’s already on its way to a friends house. wall looks empty without it. on my way to costco.

I’m really sorry that your television arrived damaged. I hope the next one works out better for you.

They had this exact model at our Walmart brand new for $429.00. I just bought the 50" from Costco for $399.00 to use as a monitor as my eyes are going - with my Costco Visa so that doubles the already doubled warranty, so that’s 4 years. Games look AHMAZING.

Refresh rate means nothing. Its all an advertising hoax.

More info for you.

The refresh rate is the number of frames per second the television can display. Its unit is a Hertz, which is equal to 1/second. 120Hz means it can draw 120 images per second.

The refresh rate of televisions is misleading and is mixed with marketing lies. The increased refresh rate (120Hz and higher) was introduced by manufacturers as an indirect way to reduce the motion blur problem of LCDs and LEDs. However, the response time of 120Hz and 240Hz TVs is usually the same as 60Hz ones.

Do not look at the refresh rate of a TV. Not only is the advertised number false, but a 120Hz+ TV does not reduce the amount of motion blur in console games.

I just received the TV couple days ago and also see artifacts - they’re not ignorable in any way!

Were you able to resolve it?

This person seems to have the same issue:

I really like TV and I really like Roku. So this should be a match made in heaven right? Wrong. At first the power cycle issue was few and far between. Now I can’t even make it through the settings to try and update the software. I’m taking mine out to the backyard and shooting it. Past the 90 days… many hours of wasted time trying to fix this.