TCL 55-inch 4k Smart TV

I got this exact same model from walmart last week. It was only $279! Woot’s price is way over market value!!!

Bought this on woot on 12/31 for 379. I’m very happy with it, the sound is better than I thought based on reading other’s reviews. I may not be an audiophile but I thought it was great sound for my entertainment environment (9x10 section of a 9x20 room).

Everything came with the set sans manual but I’m guessing those are all available online now so I don’t know if it was suppose to come with one. Out of the box it was beautiful, but I did quickly change over to ‘movie mode’ before I ever had a chance to see if the soap opera effect came into play…I can’t stand that and as a visual snob, anyone who watches a film without cinema mode engaged is touched in the head somehow :wink: