TCL 55" 4K UHD Roku Smart LED TV

I bought a 55" Roku 4k TCL has month and I love it. Amazing picture and great features and for less than $400 is a deal.

FYI, my daughter has one of these TVs (smaller size, but same brains). These things will KILL your 5GHz band on your Wi-Fi. The Roku 3 platform that this is built on has implemented Wi-Fi direct which is intended to support short range device-to-device connections. Since the TV only has one 5GHz radio, it broadcasts the Wi-Fi direct on the same channel as the network it is connected to. And since the remote, by default, connects to the TV via the Wi-Fi direct, it will overpower the Wi-Fi direct to ensure that the remote always works…which will prevent any other device from being able to use the 5GHz band. I found this as I was trying to set up my Google Wi-Fi mesh.

If you find that this is a problem for you, you might have luck with the steps outlined here:

In my case, these steps didn’t completely fix my problem. I had to disable several other features of the TV, and even that was only spotty improvement. If I unplug the TV, my network is great…if it’s on, my mesh has issues. So, good luck.

If its a 4K set, it “SHOULD” (according to TCL) have an ethernet port.

It does, but I just don’t use the smart features. Call me paranoid…

OBTW - thanks for reminding me - I have a 55 1080p TCL - that works GREAT - without an ethernet port. I JUST ordered a Belkin USB to Ethernet adapter to use. Its is rumored to work with TCL non-ethernet sets. The text i’m following is:

To get a wired connection on your Roku TV here are the instructions from the Roku user forum,
"connect the Ethernet to the dongle, and the dongle to the TV,
then REBOOT (Settings > System > Power > System Restart).
The firmware should prefer the wired connection over the wifi connection if it’s available,
even though there is no wired option in the Network screen

Wally World has it NEW for $400.


i have this tv and discovered something pretty cool the other day. you can connect an external HD to it and pause live OTA television. cordcutters rejoice.

Get yourself a Tablo and you’ll really rejoice. OTA DVR with 4 tuners and as much storage as you choose to plug in. You only need one and it works with ALL your Roku devices!

Out of stock :frowning:

Recommendations for wall mount?

Sadly mine arrived defective, would get stuck in a reboot loop, and wouldn’t activate. Talked with TCL and Roku support, both couldn’t assist.
Woot is doing the RMA on it, sadly, it’s out of stock, so I’m still on the hunt for a TV.

Mine arrived broken, as in, there’s a gash in the top of the screen that causes picture issues all the way across the top. Sad.


Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

I would love to review this TV but it arrived with no power cord, no stand, and no remote. I have contacted woot customer service 3 times in 20 days and they keep telling me they will check with the supplier and contact me. I still haven’t had any communication so I just sent an email detailing my experience and telling them I want to return the TV. This is my first bad experience with woot and I have been a customer for a long time. But this is very annoying.

Oh no! That’s terrible. I’m going to reach out and try to get this sorted out. :frowning: Sorry you’ve had to deal with this.

[UPDATE: Check your email, we have some good news!]

Thank you woot for resolving this issue. Woot offered a full refund and return shipping but the parts came the next day.

As for the TV - absolutely outstanding picture quality. The sound isn’t very good - so I am going to add a soundbar. A great value.

Thanks again to woot customer service!