TDK A33 Bluetooth Weatherproof Speaker

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TDK A33 Bluetooth Weatherproof Speaker
Price: $69.99
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Condition: New


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Secret Woot-Off!

I have one of these guys. Great sound, sturdy build, works well. Range isn’t super, but good enough across a large room. I dig it and this is a pretty good price.

Brother picked one of these up for christmas when woot had them. Sounds fantastic, gets very loud and doesn’t distort. Also charges my phone, which is nice.

Silly wooter. :tongue:

I’ve had this speaker for about a year, for the size you can’t get a better speaker! This is a great price too!

Big, booming sound with little distortion and good battery life.

I got the current model of this - the A34 - - for Christmas.

The sound is absolutely phenomenal - it sounds almost as good as my B&W Z2. I was not expecting a portable speaker to be anything close to this good. You will be absolutely blown away by the quality. I set it up next to my Z2 and flipped back and forth between the two and, while I could tell them apart, it was difficult.

The only qualm I have is that some of the reviews say the battery is not as good as advertised and there’s no portable charging option. My intent is to use it for tailgating this coming football season and so I will need the battery to last 4-5 hours. (It says it lasts 8, but I have not tested that yet.)

I bought 3 for gifts at xmas. One of them did not work-would not power up. Got the run around with w
Woot which was very rare but was finally able to return for a credit. The other two were well received. Luckily the recipient did not mind.

With an audio-input jack and plug-in for exterior AC power (not battery-powered at all)?

I predict not waterproof at all.

Amazon lists the dimensions of the A33 as 3.7 inches x 2 inches x 9.5 inches. The size listed in the specs on Woot! appears to match the newer TDK A34 model.

Weatherproof, not waterproof.

From the features:
weatherproof design. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor music listening, the speaker features a water-resistant, weatherized case that protects its components from splashing water and dust.

The dimensions / specs say A34 but the title says A33. If it’s A34 I am in… which is it WOOT?

Bought one on the last sale, sounds pretty big relative to the size.

Any chance I can get 5 woot bucks for a future purchase given the now lower price? :slight_smile:

I have the A33 in front of me right. Looks like we have the box dimensions instead of the product.

Product is confirmed as 3.7 inches x 2 inches x 9.5 inches.

I bought an A33 ($120 from another site) 1 year ago & love it EXCEPT for the battery which now only lasts 5 minutes. It must be plugged in which really sucks. I left it plugged in for months at a time & one day went to use it without AC & it died in minutes.

Oh crap! I forgot to buy an iPod Hi-Fi years ago. Guess this’ll have to do.

I bought this baby on a flash deal at Amazon. I was beyond amazed. It feels solid, for sure, but as a bluetooth speaker fanatic I can tell you you will not find a better speaker at this price, twice the price or even it’s retail price. Vocals are clear and the base can be heard through walls into the next room with no distortion.

I bought the Klipsch KMC 33at a Wootastic deal and I love it. That for $149 or this for $70…I think I would be happy with this and the balance in my pocket. It comes close enough. Why are you hesitating?

It has a rubber flap that covers the input jack. It doesn’t look like anything that I would ever in a million years want to, say, put close enough to the swimming pool that it could fall in. But I think what they’re saying is it’s not the end of the world if it gets a little rain on it.

It has a switch on it to turn off the battery. I get the idea that you’re not supposed to leave it in 24/7 - you’re supposed to turn off the battery if you’re just using it plugged in.

I really wish it was possible to charge or power it with a USB charger or a car battery or something, although I’m guessing its power requirements are way too high for that.