TDK A33 Bluetooth Weatherproof Speaker

Well, y’all bought ALL the headphones so how about a speaker?

I’m sure some of you have this so share your personal reviews.

4.8 Stars over at B&H Photo
Product Page

I bought this when woot had it for $75 before xmas and I can say three things:

  1. it’s smaller than it looks but it sounds incredible for its size/lack of aptX.
  2. the battery life is pretty good.
  3. it sometimes drops the signal (ios and android 5) and requires a power cycle.
  4. it’s worth lying about the number of things I was going to say in order to say this: definitely buy this speaker for $60.

I bought one during a previous sale, for a similar price. Very pleased - seems like nice solid build, simple to operate, and (to me) excellent balanced sound. I bought a great 17" laptop with premium Harmon/Kardon sound, and this provides a big improvement over that, both in volume and dynamic range.