TDK A33 Bluetooth Weatherproof Speaker

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TDK A33 Bluetooth Weatherproof Speaker
Price: $59.99
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Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page and check out this review over at Cnet

4.8 Stars over at B&H Photo

I’ve had a few different BT speakers. The TDK A33 is the best I’ve seen; better sound than a Bose unit. At <$60 this is a great deal.

As stated in the video, you only get about 1 hour on a full charge. That is a deal killer.

[MOD: About 6hrs per TDK]

A look at the TDK A33 by a popular audio review site:


I was going to guess that mine gets about 6 hours, and sure enough that’s what TDK says:
“Rechargeable battery provides up to six hours of portable playback”

I bought mine months ago (WOOT), best portable speaker I own.

Same here. My father-in-law now uses it and I have to get a new one!


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bought it last time…did not hold a charge right out of the box. battery is kaput. mine
must be plugged in to use.

and as a bonus… the line in speaker jack doesnt work either. so its bluetooth or nothing.

sounds good. but its a pile of poo otherewise.

How does this compare to the Klipsch still able to be had here on woot for 99? And for that matter, the Motorola Sol?

I picked one up last time. The battery in mine only lasts maybe and hour or two. Plugged in it runs fine.

Also, the speaker volume isn’t all that loud. It will fill a smaller room, but in the large area like out on your deck it is only good for maybe a 10’-15’ radius.

But, for the price… I’d say its worth it.

Same here - bought it a few weeks ago and it won’t charge. Has to be plugged in to use. Hey woot, can I get a refund?? The sound is ok - about what you would expect for a speaker of this size.

These are NEW with a one year warranty. Did you contact TDK for help?

I believe I have gotten better - maybe a couple of hours, and it has never run out during my use. The sound is great by the way, and I have no regrets about this purchase.

Bought a Klipsch yesterday, possibly regretting it. They both have good reviews, the batteries on these seem to be hit or miss though. I paid $40 more! Someone tell me I made the right decision

I got around 6 hours routinely, before mine was STOLEN (and hence, I’m glad to be able to buy another right now).

I’ve used both. This one is better IMO in all respects - better sound, better portability, just easier to carry. Not sure about the battery life, tho, and no fancy NFC on this unit.

I bought one on a previous Woot. Was the very best BT speaker I’ve tried or owned.

And then it mysteriously went missing from checked luggage, with a TSA “we searched your crap” notice in its place.

Happy to be able to buy another one. And now I have two chargers, and the mouthbreather who took it probably ended up throwing it away. Arrgh.