TDK Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker - 2pk



Time to check out the product page and solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at


I received these today. There only seems to be on each 3.5mm jack, and it is labeled “aux in”. Is the output supposed to share the Jack with the input? I can’t figure out how to use the output feature, I didn’t see it in the manual.


After reading what hellphish wrote…I see I am not alone. Hellphish…you and I were duped.

Sir, I have done extensive research on this and what I was told by Jeevan at Woot Member Services… “What you ordered and what is/are in the boxes received have one (1) A12 and one (1) A20 speaker in it.”

I’m sorry Jeevan, but if you read above in the specs for this…it specifically says two (2) A12’s in the box. Not even remotely what I got in the mail today. As a mater of fact, I didn’t even get in the mail what Jeevan said in his email today. Rather, I got two (2) A20’s. I’m sorry Woot…I ordered two (2) A12’s per what your website says. If you do a search for “A20” on that product page, you will not find any reference to “A20”. To iterate…the specs page specifically says two (2) A12 speakers in each box. I bought two (2) boxes, expecting what was on the Woot page as two (2) A12 speakers in each box, and I now have four (4) A20 speakers. What gives???