TDK Sound Cube or 2-Speaker Boombox

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TDK Sound Cube or 2-Speaker Boombox
$139.99 + $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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here’s a sound cube review for you.

The fact that it eats so many D batteries is a letdown for me. It looks like a great speaker, however for usage where you don’t have an outage, it seems would be fairly difficult.

Depending on the volume, I don’t see 12 D batteries lasting a very long time.

TDK Video on the Sound Cube

Jason Hornbeck showing a CNet video reviewing the Sound Cube… yeah…

unboxing and review of the boombox.

My brother got one at Christmas too. It sounds amazing…I had flashbacks to the late 80’s.

$159.99 at amazon

Can’t forget the “or”…

The 2-speaker boom box is 199.99 at amazon

Oh… and of course the video for the “or”

Sounds pretty good here… no need for the headphones on the wall I assume. The 2-speaker system looks like it can be held to the head for some classic swagger while moving like Jagger.

Note that per the photo, there appears to be no cage protecting the speakers. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Just 1 question… How does TDK boombox sound compared to a JVC Kaboom Box?

I had my eyes on the Sound Cube at one point, but I’m very glad I went with the Ion Road Rocker instead. It is rechargeable and has bluetooth, and is still on sale at ThinkGeek for $79.99, with Free Shipping. I hadn’t even realized the Sound Cube used all those batteries, yikes!!

I bought the sound cube at tj maxx for $90 (on clearance) a week ago. I have to say it sounds amazing, the bass is incredible for its size.

I use it mostly with my ipod, or plug in my ipad and put on pandora. I did try the radio though and maybe its just the location of my room but every station had a lot of static.

You can also use the soundcube with an external hard drive, provided you organize your music good.

May as well stock up on D cells while you’re at it!

I admit I am a speaker dock whore… My preference on the ones I own based on sound. Listen to mostly rap/r&b tdk cube>altec lansing im7>jvc kaboom>dre beatbox>logitech ipod dock forgot the model

What you see is what you get. You can also see one of the videos above for confirmation on the free flying (cageless) speakers.

So if I order 2 of the cubed do I get 8?

You would only get 8 if you order Cube of the 2.
If you order 2 of the cubed, you would get 6!