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Looks like a front-loading washing machine

Twelve (count ‘em, 12) D cells?!? and a handle on top? Shoulder, get ready, we be steppin’ through tha hood!

While I don’t have this model (I have this one: I can tell that the similarities between the two are enough to speak to the quality of this one.

This line of products is geared toward the person who values form just as much as function. There are cheaper and better products out there, but it’s hard to find one which combines both in one model and looks this good.

That said, this is not that good of a price. I got my boom box for $69 at Marshall’s on yellow tag clearance and this model is at another reseller closeout store in my area for this exact same price.

Shop around, you will find these cheaper if you really want one. They do sound decent, have a neat equalizer on the LCD and look high end. Mine is HEAVY, though and I assume this one is too.

I recently bought one of these at this price and am very satisfied so far. Seems expensive for a little, low-powered box – I was skeptical at first, but reviewers had great things to say, and it has performed well and lived up to my expectations.

Sound is great for a large room, with plenty of bass, and it does have an equalizer function for such adjustments. I don’t expect to use it outside or without A/C power, but it’s nice to have that option.

Appears to be sturdy enough for general use but probably can’t stand much abuse or heavy use outdoors, out and about, in my opinion.

And there’s those exposed ‘speakers’ on each side (no speaker covers), susceptible to a direct hit or kick or poke. 4 of 'em, four big chances to ruin the unit.

I think it’s a good value at this price; didn’t know it is available for $70 - wow.

I got one of these the last time woot had it up. It puts out some awesome sound and great amount of bass. It does like being in the center of a room due to the four sided speakers; so don’t tuck it in a corner.

If it didn’t look so vulnerable, I would get one. Manufacturers should include grills. If somebody wants to take there’s off after they get it that should be up to them. :slight_smile: Why ruin an otherwise nice unit? I like the included equalizer and with 12 D cells it should kick!

I got one when it was offered last time on Woot. I really love it although one day I did have a problem with the touch screen (source/equalizer/rewind/ play-pause/fast forward). It wouldn’t respond and music could be played using the right knob but couldn’t be stopped except to turn off the box or to start a different music file. I went about attempting to pull off the knobs and that seemed to relieve some pressure on the touch screen and everything has worked since.
As to the mention of buying it at Marshall’s. I also saw one at my local Marshall’s but it was $149, not $70 so don’t count on that super low price. I bought a rolling cooler for the Cube at a local sporting goods store as recommended in an Amazon review and it keeps it safe in transport.
Also, another wooter mentioned last time that this has bluetooth capability. It does not. There is a newer model that does but it has other differences including no battery option. I haven’t seen that model on Woot.
I would definitely buy this again.

ETA: I use it in a classroom so it’s annoying when a track starts immediately after another track or I set up a track to play and before I can push pause it’s already begun. I took several tracks and added a leader (using audacity–free download) to solve that problem. Another niggling issue is if you find another track to play while one is finishing the Cube will revert back to the current file if “play” is not pressed fairly quickly and you will have to cruise through files/folders again to find the new file.

Previous woot of the sound cube: $139.99 vs. $99.99 tonight

User guide:
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My suggestion to anyone that uses their phone all the time as I do for streaming music (pandora,spotify,ect…) or as their mp3 player would be to get a bluetooth stereo instead. The convenience of using the audio source as a remote instead of it and you being tethered to the speakers is pretty awesome.

I purchased one of these last time around and am very happy with it. I just purchased another one as well.

On the downside I wish it had bluetooth and a remote or at least just a remote control. I know they have another, newer model with these features but the reviews aren’t nearly as good as this one. This model feels like a nice quality piece of merchandise and is very nice looking.

I would say if you don’t mind no bluetooth or remote go for this, you will not be sorry.

I got one the last time it was offered and I have been super impressed with the sound quality. I have a 32G micro SD card in my phone to play tunes in my car through the AUX jack, so I hooked it up to that for a test and WOW! I wish my car stereo sounded that good.

I agree with the other posts about needing speaker grills to protect the fabric of the 4 exposed speakers. I have been looking for some to install but have not done so yet. I am a tinkerer by nature so installing grills won’t be a negative, but it does make me wonder why the design of a portable system did not include them.

One more thing- in order to get the truly impressive bass, this thing needs to sit on the floor. Having it on a table did not give the rich sound that the floor did, so factor that into your plans.

All in all, I would buy this again now that I have used it. It is impressive for its size.

I bought one several weeks ago. Worth every penny and then some. Multiple plug ins. Extremely well built and loud. Best $99 dollar sound box you can buy. Someone said if you leave the batteries in they will drain slowly in stand by. So I guess I would put something it between the last battery when not using it.

Got one few months ago. Sound is simply AMAZING! It also has radio, which is great for me, and plenty of input. Cons: no remote, and the ipod connection actually does not support every ipod (for instance, my ipod touch I think 2nd gen. does not work there… :frowning: ) I wish it had a bluetooth connection too!

Awesome bass and worth the price. I found Costco a good place to buy 12 D Durcell batteries.

With the never ending quantity of speakers for phones/ipods put on here there must be people who have them stacked wall to wall in their homes.

I looked all over the internet and then some. even asked my X-wife ,she knows everything. , (couldn’t help myself there)… :slight_smile:

I found the TP6701BLK at the same price with $5.00 shipping “BUT” I didn’t find it cheaper, anyplace. ,SOOOOOOO … … I’d say its a very good price and will consider purchasing it for the bedroom.

I purchased this unit on Woot in early January of this year. Woot’s shipping was fast and the unit works as advertised; maybe better! Very nice bass and the mids-highs are great too. I have mine on a small wood table and the bass is still great. It does not have to be on the floor as someone had mentioned here to have great bass. I would rather have this than the bluetooth one because the bluetooth model does not take batteries. What’s the use of a bluetooth unit if you have to lug it with you along with your other device? Also there are other operational differences with the wired vs bluetooth devices. Overall, for the 99.00 price, you can’t do better anywhere else. If you are still unsure, please read the Amazon reviews for the wired unit before taking the plunge. While you are there, also read the reviews for the bluetooth unit. I did; that’s why I purchased the wired unit here on Woot.