TDK Wireless Charging Bluetooth Speaker

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TDK Wireless Charging Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $79.99
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I picked this up for my girl for Christmas. Nice sounding system, easily pares with your Bluetooth device, but can be picky on the charging aspect. Thinking about getting another one for my boy. Very tempting to get me one also.


Interesting. A product featured at CES 2013 - the week of CES 2014.

Did I mention the price? Amazon $133.50, Walmart $349.99, NewEgg $249.99, Beach Camera $179.99
I had to get another one for such a good price. Thanks Woot!!

I am about to get a galaxy note 3.

If this works, I could be all over the stereo as a two birds, one stone sort of thing. Anyone have any experience with this Qi charger for the Note 3?

I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 (Not the Note). What would I need to do to make it a Qi compatible device? Is there some sort of backing I need for the phone to be able to charge wirelessly and where would I buy it?

You need this. Put one in my girls S3 and it works great!

Has anyone tried pairing this with a laptop running windows 7?

Thanks! You’re my hero!

2W x 4 + 15W

So can you hear this from more than 5 feet away?

I got this thing about a month ago, and I got a Note 3 that I plan on setting up later today. I bought the official Samsung Qi back cover:

I know it’s more expensive than the aftermarket ones, but for as finicky as Qi charging can be, supposedly, I’ll go with this one and be happy if it actually works. I’ll let you guys know how everything works.

Yeah, it’s not as loud as the other TDK cube/boombox products but it sounds quite good for what it is, and Bluetooth works well. It’s got decent bass and sounds clear. I wouldn’t use it to replace my TV’s sound bar or 500 w surround sound system but this one is much less overkill and it’s nice to have something on my bedstand to play music & [hopefully] wirelessly charge my new phone.

Lots of great information here …what ?

Here’s the official Qi Wireless Power Consortium Web site.

You can also find interesting information at the Wikipedia Qi page and the Qi Wireless blog.

Those should help find devices that are compatible with Qi charging.

You would need a charging cover for the Note 3. You can get one from Samsung directly for $19.99 using code rv18623. Use this link for info -

I ordered one from Samsung last week so waiting for it to show up. Since the cover adds a little depth most form fitting cases won’t work with the charging cover though.

I bought one of these last month, I’m really happy with it. I’m considering buying another one today.

I usually keep it plugged in on my desk next to my computer and sometimes while I’m listening to [whatever] I unplug it and take it into the kitchen. I’ve definitely gotten a couple of hours of listening out of it on battery power but I’ve never tried seeing how long it will go.

It pairs up easily (Bluetooth). The sound is really impressive for its size - it’s much, much better than say, a clock radio and if you live in a small apartment this might even be a suitable replacement for a small stereo system. I have not tried the Qi charging but based on reviews that seems to be the Achilles Heel of the unit and probably why it found its way to Woot.

I look at it this way; someone somewhere at some time paid the original $399.99 list price for this unit. For the design, Bluetooth connectivity, sound quality & portability I think this unit is a steal at $79.99.

If I want to use this only as a speaker and ignore the Qi charging feature, is it still a good deal for the price?

I picked one of these up last year. The wall wart is a bit huge, but it’s only needed for charging. With my Lumia 810 I had to set it a bit off to the side of the Qi logo to charge. I haven’t had a chance to try my 925 yet.

For those with newer Galaxies, you can usually pick up a Qi insert to put inside the case to add the feature.