TDK Wireless Sound Cube

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Those two speaker cones on the sides are passive (will just go with the reverberations from the other drivers) and don’t actually provide any more power.

**Item: **TDK Wireless Sound Cube
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Condition: New

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I’m familiar with the non-wireless version of this, it’s portable, and can be powered with 12 D batteries as an alternative.

Can this wireless version also be powered with batteries?

Edit: Found the answer. No batteries for the wireless version! Despite the carrying handle and wireless connectivity, you must plug in to AC power.


Very tempted, can anyone with first hand experience chime in with thoughts?

Check out this video, courtesy of TDKPerformance [youtube=mR3BnHDWfes][/youtube]

I have the big brother to this speaker, and those fiber woven cones sound amazing.

Lets watch another review on this product, courtesy of ITTV [youtube=4_IeMY57fWY][/youtube]

Will it threaten to stab me?
In fact, can it speak?
What should I do in the event it does speak?

Everything can be wireless, unless you want to use it. Need to get power somehow…

Can I connect this puppy to my TV
set? If yes, what performance can I expect?

I have the non blue tooth version of this. The bad points on this wireless version is that you don’t get fm radio or the ability to put batteries in it. These speakers sound like a common 2 speaker + subwoofer combination. That is a good thing because the added bass makes sound more immersive.

These can be connected to a tv if your tv has a connection for headphones. Many hdtvs cheap out on this. Because the left and right speakers have very little space between them it might compromise stereo sound effects which are important in video games and tv watching. I don’t know how well it works but this wireless speaker has a directional sound mode.

I’ve also got the non-wireless version of this box - I’ve had it roughly half a year and I use it nearly everyday.

It has wonderful sound quality, and even when I have it turned up a considerable amount, it’s still only slightly above what the dial appears to show as halfway.

All in all, this brand and type of model is great, and I would recommend it to others.

However, although this model looks newer, and may even be newer - as the ‘Bluetooth’ feature suggests - it may not be as good of quality as the non-wireless version.

At a hundred bucks, though, I’d call it a steal!

I have 3 of the other TDK Life on Record devices including the original cube and the new bluetooth 2-speaker boombox and I love them all. They sound great and are well-built, although the previous-generation cube & boomboxes had superior build quality (such as carbon fiber cones.) I would say the cube sounds a bit better than the boombox, although the type of music and room you’re playing in will ultimately influence which device sounds better to you. This cube would be a good idea if you plan to make use of the bluetooth connectivity (which works perfectly for me on the boombox) but don’t need actual wireless portability as the cube doesn’t have a battery.

If words could speak, I wonder what they’d say?

Few more reviews, I believe

The words, “2 passive radiators” wasn’t enough to explain that?

Jump to 3:21 to cube. Thanks…