TDK Wireless Sound Cube

**Item: **TDK Wireless Sound Cube
Price: $79.99
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Condition: New

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6/17/2013 - $99.99 - 55 comment(s)

Solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Some additional info can be found over at

This may sound great, but unlike the wired version, it appears this one has no batteries… making that handle rather pointless.

Found that part out by remembering that there was a previous sale of this device for 100 bucks.


Can you use a TDK Cassette with this device? I like the way the girl pushes those buttons.

I’m actually interested in this, but one of the reviews said you needed AC wall power for use? I’m looking for something I can put on my tailgate when driving on the beach. A portable speaker that needs wall power seems ridiculous, tell me this thing takes batteries at least.

I could tell you that it takes batteries but I would be lying.

Well you could probably get a car adapter for it, and run it to your tailgate… I’m thinking about this since my G-Grip(BT portable speaker) died…stupid 180day warranty

As show in the pictures it appears to require 18v DC. So your car won’t power it without an inverter to plug the AC power supply into, or some other transformer. Unless you luck out and it will run on ~ 13.5v -12.5v DC from your car battery

Here is the Manual for today’s TDK V513.

According to the manual, it appears to only take the AC adapter.

(P.S The PDF takes awhile to load…)

Bought one of these last time for $99. The sound quality is GREAT for such a small device, couldn’t be happier with it. I am very impressed with TDK on this one.

Bought this when it was up for $100 last time. It was worth it then and at $80 its WELL worth it. I’ve used this thing so many times now for backyard parties and while messing around in the garage. It’s sound quality is good and I love that you can charge your phone on it too.

I own the battery-enabled version of this that has been offered by Woot a few times. The sound level and quality are amazing.

Having said that, both this non-battery-enabled version and the one I bought need to have speaker grills added to them for truly portable functionality in my opinion. Having the speaker cones exposed like they are in a device designed to be moved around is asking for one to get poked and ruined.

I added four of these to mine at a cost of about $45 with shipping and could not be happier.

Now that video was short and worth the watch unlike the CK cologne opinion. I’m buying it for each of my sons. Thanks lich. :slight_smile:

Bought this the last time it was on Woot. I’ve paired it up with my HTC Thunderolt smart phone to stream music on Pandora. Works great! I tried to make my laptop a blue tooth device with a dongle and software (HP) and I think it was the driver for the dongle that really messed up my system. Had to scratch that application. But overall, once I figured out how the 2 dials work, really like the cube. The fact that it doesn’t have batteries isn’t an issue for me as batteries are a pain to replace and recharge and bad for the environment.

I purchased some grills from Amazon and superglued them to the frame. Cheap and easy fix.

I bought it last time for $20 more. Quite a steal for the quality. Yes, it requires power, but it is still very portable. The sound is great…works very well.

I bought this same product on woot! a couple months back for $100! It’s honestly been my most satisfying woot yet, the quality blowing away my dedicated system. The surround sound mode is awesome, too.

Now, don’t go into this thinking it’s a boombox. Despite it’s appearance and previous incarnation, it is NOT portable. This far from makes it useless, but just don’t expect it to be what it is not.