TDK Wireless Sound Cube

**Item: **TDK Wireless Sound Cube
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $21 Two-Day OR $24 One-Day
Condition: New

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Let’s watch a video [youtube=mR3BnHDWfes][/youtube]

Solid reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Some additional info can be found on the product page

I bought one of these when they were selling them in June.

I love it. Well worth the price.

I do worry about the speakers getting punctured because they are exposed. I have kept the box and packing materials for the times when I have needed to transport it.

Does this sound box have to be plugged in to play music or does it have a rechargable battery?

I’ve never found one I actually want that ships to all 50 states until the last few days when I find I want to give woot a bunch of money but no card and they stopped accepting paypal linking.

You don’t have a Paypal debit card? If you don’t you should. Then as long as you have $$$ in Paypal you can use your card to buy anywhere.

It has to be plugged in (no internal battery or support for batteries). So, the “wireless” part of the description is regarding the connection to the music device; the cube is not completely wireless itself.

I was seriously considering getting this, but then went and read the reviews on Amazon. Whlie they were overall positive, I just didn’t like the negatives I was reading. It did lead me to another portable, weatherproof speaker that I will probably get as a result. I just wish it had a remote control like this one does.

Slightly different version of this unit. It appears they moved the mid/tweeter speaker from the center of the passive radiators to the corners in the one Woot is selling. This gives a really good example of the sound quality to expect. Make sure you have a good subwoofer or headphones when you listen to the audio demo(about halfway through the video if you want to fast forward to it). The bass his mike picked up was quite deep. I am sorely tempted to pull the trigger on this.

Which weatherproof one did you buy? I’ve been looking for something like this for our deck. Just something that can provide some background music when we have people over.

I concur. I have one and it puts out great sound for its size. One of the cones on one of the speakers got dented. (Took it on vacation where kids were running around everywhere.) No puncture so it doesn’t seem to be affecting sound quality at all. People have mentioned previously they found protective grates to attach to help shield the exposed speakers. For the price, I really could care less.

Great little portable speaker…

Just wondering if you can use this for tv sound transmission or is this primarily for an iphone-android type device?

Shoot, thought this was completely wireless as in it could be battery powered. Must have been looking at a different model!

Oh well, still seems like a good buy for the price, I could always use more speakers.

If there was a gray one with pink speaker cones it would be a triumph! Gonna have to think about this less-companionable black cube.

You definitely could hook this up to your TV, either via a wired stereo output or Bluetooth if the TV was so equipped. It would almost certainly improve the audio over any TV’s built-in speakers. Even though this sound cube is probably intended for use with mobile devices due to the Bluetooth connectivity, since it doesn’t have a battery it’s not really wireless as previously discussed, and it actually makes more sense to use it in a semi-stationary environment such as a home entertainment center as you are thinking about doing.

Good to see some folks are happy with the sound of their cubes.

But for discerning sound quality, the warning signs: (contempary listeners have been conditioned to highly compressed, lossy mp3 music that is then masked over by boomy, distorted bass)

  1. no claims whatsoever about frequency response and the flatness/rolloff specs.

  2. no claims about distortion level at the advertised “3 watts”.

Speakers with an original asking price of $250 should include the above specs. There’s no substitute for listening in person.

I have the TDK Wired Sound Cube, which accepts USB mp3s for playback and iPod playback, as well as a radio.

I love the sound output for this speaker, it packs a punch for the size and price and is great quality.

I was about to pull the trigger on this wireless one but seeing as the USB port is for charging only, I don’t think it’s a good value to play bluetooth only.

Based on features, I think the wired one with USB, FM/AM radio support is a much better value and can be had for a similar price when on sale.

Well, the good news is that, with bluetooth connectivity, I’ll prolly be listening to lossy mp3 music with boomy, distored bass!

The bad news is, my Paypal account isn’t working on woot anymore, so I won’t actually be buying this. Probably. I may whip out the credit card, but don’t tell.