TDK Wireless Sound Cube

**Item: **TDK Wireless Sound Cube
Price: $59.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $21 Two-Day OR $24 One-Day
Condition: New

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lol, this is getting to be a ridiculous price for this.

i’ve always wanted one but because i’ve got so many speakers that i literally have an extra set of speakers (all are hundreds+) connected to a tablet that i use solely as an alarm clock…i couldn’t bring myself to get this one.

but it’s that time. it’s time for me to finally get it. it’s come to a pricepoint where it’d be stupid not to get it.

i have the 3 speaker, heavy TDK and that thing is amazing for its footprint. i’m hoping this one won’t disappoint!

Sorry, work’s been too much. I’ll chime in real quick. I wish I waited–bought at $79.99. I’m semi-clueless on audio, bought a tape deck for old tapes, wanted better speaker than through the boombox. Sounds good enough, not as heavy as I thought, paranoid of damaging unprotected speakers, but people have suggested screens to protect them. Remote and buttons took only a bit to learn/get used to. Haven’t even tried the Bluetooth yet. Sorry have to go, looks like you’re in good hands in the meantime between lichme and conan (and sdc100, etc.). Someday, I hope to be back for more. Take care.

Take a look at the product page

4 Star reviews at amazon

Check out this video, courtesy of TDKPerformance [youtube=mR3BnHDWfes][/youtube]

“Very good” review over at

Let’s watch an overview [youtube=4_IeMY57fWY][/youtube]

let’s watch an unboxing, review and demo [youtube=5dHmEIYldo4][/youtube]

You have to plug it in. Is that really wireless?

That said, if I didn’t already have the JLab Bouncer for a “wireless” home speaker, I’d be all over this.

This is probably my all time favorite woot, even though when I got it months ago when it was almost $100. It’s honestly getting ridiculous how low they are taking the price…

Anyway, the quality is great. The omnidirectional sound is quite something and this thing packs some bass.
I’ve only ever needed to turn it up half way a few times for really loud sound so I have no concept of just how loud it would be on max. For everyday listening I keep it at a quarter.
The bluetooth’s sound is flawless and it has good range.
Finally I guess I’d say that it looks really cool and has a nice build quality. Does not feel cheap at all.

It’s called wireless because it has bluetooth and you can use wirelessly connect devices to play audio with.

I understand that. However, wireless implies “without wires.”

They could’ve called it a Bluetooth Sound Cube. Wireless sounds much better though.

Hahah this thing reminds me of the Soul Cube from Doom 3

Seriously? ANOTHER price drop? I got this when it was here for $100. Well worth it then. I’ve used it dozens of times throughout this summer. Parties, working around the house, in the garage while I was under the car. It sounds amazing and I love being able to charge my phone on it while streaming Pandora.

I purchased 3 of these here on Woot. These sound very good compared to most other bluetooth speakers. I don’t really have a use for anymore of them but may have to purchase some at this price. This is a great bargain.

Great googly moogly. I wish I had waited. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought mine on 8/24, when it was $79.99.

Well, it’s pretty decent, especially at this price. If you haven’t bought one and you want a wireless audio solution for your music players, go for it!

I have the older version. Battery powered. Intended to use it in my little camper.
Never made it off my night stand. I use it all the time, just as a fixed and not “portable” speaker.

But I could buy this and finally move the older unit to the Scamp… But it is late in the camping season… But this is a great price… Argh. I hate you woot.

TLDR: Buy the Lenmar Li-Po 5500mAh external laptop battery and velcro it to the back of this. Voila, portable bluetooth boombox!

Wireless!!! … sort of. I have the TDK 2-speaker boombox and have been tempted by this cube, but the lack of battery equals a lack of portability.

BUT!!! My solution to the battery-eating-hog problem of the boombox can also be applied to the TDK cube to good effect. The boombox kills batteries at an amazing rate even when turned off, so I looked at rechargeables. However, sinking another $100+ into NiMH/NiCd cells seemed like a bad idea. And figuring out an internal Li-Ion solution required spacers, case mods, and too much charging hokum. So I found a flat Li-Po battery pack that was small enough to be mounted externally and contained its own charging circuit/controller. The Lenmar ppu916rs 5500mAh pack supplies ~18v with enough oomph to run these TDK boxes for days, comes with a patch cable+tip the right size, and charges with the TDK adapter or a spare laptop p/s. It can be had for ~$50. And it’s the same color as the TDK boombox/cube casing, so it doesn’t look like a total hack job when you’re done.


geez it was 79 or so ~now only 59 ?

that’s the old model not the on woot !

Can anyone compare these to the Audyssey Media Speakers wired or the Bluetooth version- in terms of sound quality and how loud they go.
I have both of those when woot offered them and I’m trying to justify purchasing these when I already have a bunch of other speakers/headphones.
If sound is comparable and their only advantage is portability thanks to the handle on top then I might just pass.