Tea, Earl Grey. Hot.

Looks soothing.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Captain Picard’s drink of choice


It’s fantastic that I am watching The Next Gen right at the moment I saw this shirt.

The perfect companion to A Warrior’s Drink! Definitely a must have!

I’ve been rewatching TNG via the new Blu Ray sets, they did a terrific job remastering the show. Can’t believe how old it is already…

Here’s a small collection of Captain Picard quotes for your viewing pleasure:


Great complement to the best show of all time. In for one.

I got depressed at the write-up, but then I realized the last bit was right. As my father showed me Rocky & Bullwinkle, so shall my descendants watch Next Gen and DS9. And they’d better like it.

Why is this quote suddenly so popular? The show’s been around since the late 80’s and now the quote catches on?

It’s always been popular, you’re only just noticing.


I always wondered why no one produced that glass. It’s so simple, just a pyrex beaker and an aluminum ring.

I’ve been looking for a shirt like this, but didn’t like the designs or prices, I was about to make my own! But this will do just fine.

No American Apparel version? Sorry, you just lost a sale. :frowning:

Kudos. This is the most subtle Star Trek t-shirt I’ve ever seen. Bravo Number One!


This is the closest thing that I found.

Proud victim of parents’ forced watching. I’m a Trekkie…also…what’s wrong with Fawlty Towers, I like Fawlty Towers!

Is it really navy blue? It looks like a dark grey or black.

Actually, Bodum makes, or at least made, those cups. A friend gave me a set for Christmas back when TNG was on the air. They even came with little cork coasters. The handle is plastic, that’s a plus - an aluminum handle would be uncomfortable when you drank hot tea.

While charming, elegant and an excellent exemplar of the glass maker’s art, this is not my favorite tea cup. The balance of the cup really isn’t very good and the small finger hole means people, like me, with large fingers won’t be pleased by holding the cup.

Prefered to Raktajino everywhere but Deep Space!

Make it so.

I would’ve jumped on this in a heartbeat, except… “2364 AD”? Science has already standardized “CE”. It’s stupid, I know, but it would still bug me…
OCD fail, smh.