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Is the Primula PTRBB-2340 Set of 3 Tempo Teapots - Red, Blue & Black really a set of three this time?

It is supposed to be a set of all 3. I’m unaware of any problem with these but I did verify with the buyer. Set of 3 in one box.

Sorry, but after getting a reply back from customer service that they “ran out” of these and I will be getting a partial refund, I’d be hesitant to pull the trigger on this “deal” ever again! Fool me once …

Re: Breville Variable Temperature Kettle
Where are the features for this item & why weren’t they posted? Thanks.

Oh wow, good catch. I’ve let the team know.

UPDATE: Features and specs have been restored. Thanks again!

Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

FYI the cast iron tea kettles can not be heated on the stove. You only add water to the kettle for up to an hour.

Bought the Zevro SAT100 Simpliss 'a Tea
device…been using it for several days…works great…no dripping and loads a 20oz cup…I will buy more of these for gifts…only issue was the top piece…make sure when you attached it to the pot that the items fits inside the handle tabs…I thought it was broken when I first got it…so just snap it in the inside of the tabs and the top piece or lid will flip on nicely…