Tea Rex Blend

Another amazing DoOomcat design!

Is it the King of Teas?

Swellegant. Excellent choice of sipping tee ; )

Nice pun :smiley:

Extended pinky claw, top notch etiquette. :^)

Ah… a tea shirt to help balance out the herd of Woot coffee shirts… with a Tea-Rex bonus. Perfect! Thank you, DoOom Cat. :slight_smile:

any affiliation with http://tearex.com/ ?

That is my design. I haven’t had anyone steal one of my designs before on this scale. What can I do?

These all yours, too?

I sent your post along to the shirt crew for review, though.

Thank you for your help. I created and have been selling my design since 2012.

Hey Brom, as a long time Wooter, I hope you know we take infringement very seriously. It’s important to distinguish between the concept and the execution, and in this case, it looks like a case of great minds thinking alike. Conceptually the same joke, but a very different execution.

I wish you the best with the Redbubble site. There’s a lot of room in this world for tees and glad you’ve got your hat in the ring.

My daughter wants this design on a coffee mug.

This is what happened after 1 wash… and inside out at that to protect the graphic. Totally saddens me. I contacted customer service to see what they can do. This is unacceptable though.

Oh man, I’m really sorry this happened to you. Let me know how things go with Customer Service. They may be a bit slow getting back to you this weekend, but they should be able to help.

I love this design and color. The screen was applied slightly off kilter, but not enough to notice when wearing it.

Ordered the American Apparel in a womens XL. It’s smaller than a mens medium shirt. I ordered same brand in a kids 10 for my grandson and fits like a snug size 8.

Use caution when buying American Apparel it runs 1-2 sizes smaller.

Update: After washing in cold water and hanging to dry it shrunk to a women’s small. I cannot wear it at all. Snuggly fits my size 4 daughter.