Teac R2W White Digital Radio w/ Dual Alarm Clock

Where’d that cats go?

so u guys filed your taxes yet?

So you mean to tell me this tiny thing can pull music from the sky…amazing!!! I actually have to download music to my Zune, why didnt I think of this?!

Filed, received and bought a new projector

Yup, still holding onto my Commodore 128D… dunno why though. I don’t think I was even born yet.

for the love of woot, would you please STOP with the repeat posts?!?!

This is a nice radio, it sells for $100 on Amazon.

me yes, my bf’s account is older XD should have said that, i was watching over his shoulder…

The hand is creepy!

I am not into the hefty ones, i like the 4 so i would like to meet them sry to the other one.

50% already??? WHOS buying??


Requiem, you were the only woot for that projector :smiley:

here ya go


Im buying 6 hahahahahaha 6 hours of sleep because this is defenetly not worth staying up for. C mon woot is it the throw out the CRAP day.Im just not buying it!

yeah … but i didnt find anything related to cancelling the order …

too bad that it only gets 3 stars

I didn’t know I was supposed to be looking for something… Apparently there is a dark outline of a guy peering in grinning his ass off… As I would… My only wish is that someone took the shot when they turned around and saw him… (Even though the outline may have been added in)


eh it’s not bad when you’re only paying 1/5 of the price…