Teacher Talks Funny

Finally, our long national shirtless nightmare is over.

ha! Plus, congrats to Apelad. This is quite the roll. Fun idea.

Still says 2nd at the bottom

Hilarious shirt :slight_smile:

Reminds me of this one:

Just a heads up! Threadless has their $10 shirts and 20% off hoodies sale right now.

Um, badge says 1st, but description says second.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Is that really how they made that sound effect? Does anyone know?


*Which is to say: thanks for the votes and the cliff hanger of an evening.

Write-up says 2nd place but the award says 1st place. What up wit dat?

“2nd place in Derby #212: Back to School, with 813 votes”
What happened to first place?

I was considering dancing repetitively there for a moment. Epic save, phew!

For those who need to be let in on the gag

Congrats Apelad! Hilarious stuff, bought one right as it came up.

FINALLY! the new shirt is up …

Some of us get withdrawl symptoms at midnight CST, y’know!

You don’t see a lot of lemon-colored shirts, nor do you see many single-ink shirts. This one is both, and it fits perfectly.

Also, why does the writeup say 2nd Place?

Gosh! I want one! LOL But how is yellow going to look on me? Argh! Woot and your colors! (yellow is perfect for this one) I coulda been the first. I should get most whiney posts winner.

picture is missing the mute piece for that ‘wah wah’ sound

Criminy, that took a while before people decided they wanted to buy your shirt Apelad.

I mean look at that, speed to first woot 27 minutes?

You’re slipping man. :wink:

First place was available for exactly 26 minutes before this one was put up.

It’s the doghouse for me!

It’s fixed now.