Teacher Talks Funny

26 minutes? Are we having shorter days now?

That cartoon finally makes sense!
Thanks for shedding light onto the reason I could never understand the adults.

Now, if someone could provide an English to slide-trombone dictionary I’d be sorted!

I think the most plausible explanation here was that it took them until now to figure out that what the shirt had been trying to tell them for the past half-hour was that it was ready to come out.


Worth the wait… nice job, voters.

Not as much as Woot messing with future-based accounting, aka how the ranks in the reckoning gets based.

But on a more serious note, the main site was down too, so.

The other Woot sites were frozen too. It does leave open the question: what was the first 1st place shirt?

Voted for and bought two of these shirts. My son is in speech therapy, i got one for him. I’m a sick twisted mommy!

right and Woot Daily Digest was sent out pretty quick with “Teacher Talks Funny” in the digest.

You’re doing it right. :wink:

Yep, with a mute to muffle the ‘brass’ sound.

as a credentialed educator, it’d be wrong for me not to own one of these! Thanks! :smiley:

Instant Classic!

Too bad I look horrible in yellow. :frowning:

If you follow the link to the derby and sort by votes you will find that they reveal the # of votes as the shirt goes up. Only thins shirt has been revealed, and there are none mysteriously missing. I think some one made a typographical error, or the top shirts are verrrryyy close in votes.

Maybe the teacher should try Stephen Hawking’s communication system.

I am a homeschool Mama to two boys and a girl, and this is EXACTLY what it’s like. Who let the artist in my house?! I have to get this!

Congrats, man! This is a great design.

Without using a mute, I don’t think that sound could be produced very well. I should know, I was once a band geek.

Missing the funny little beagle and the bossy shrink. Looking forward to a shirt to follow up “Teacher Talks Funny”! This shirt generates one big smile!

If it had the zigzag lines across the bottom, I’d be in for 11

But check out the placement of the people! The people are the zigzags lines which makes this shirt all the more brilliant.