Team Cuteness

Beware the night attack!

My kids would love to have a non-ironic, non-glow-in-the-dark version of this.

love it!

No bloody rainbow fangs!!! Too many of the next generation of my family will be wanting this…

This shirt is just too happ… Oh wait, never mind.

I agree. Just give me the glowing part, in non-glowing and I would be happy.

Did you say Night Attack? (My favorite podcast.)

This reminds me of the game Eversion, for some reason. All cute and happy on the surface, but once you dig deeper, the greater horror escapes.

Well done, but I think it would give me nightmares.

Is that an actual bandolier of carrots?

Ah the darkness… bring the darkness!
I was actually surprised by the sudden and terrible images that lay beneath.

Nicely done.

I think someone needs to proofread the write-up…

“- You legally name to Jervy Gohawks and then change it back”

What does that even mean?

It’s just clearly in honor of our grammar derby.

My daughter would love a version of this without the glow-in-the-dark image

night time is the right time

That rainbow is upside down. I’m going to choose to interpret that as an intentional subtle hint that things are not what they seem with this shirt though.