Team Left Shark

If you’re a Jimmy Buffett fan, it’s a phenomenal dual-purpose investment.

Don’t we all feel a little bit Left Shark sometimes? Thanks for getting this one out there so fast, woot! Looking forward to adding it to my Shark Week wardrobe as well. :slight_smile:

TEAM LEFT SHARK For those who can’t seem to get their act together and get it all wrong…

I’m with Moonbunnychan.
This meme will be over by the time you get the shirt.

I’m worried about all you guys, all I saw was Kathy Perry. *drools…

ummmmmmmm…That’s Right Shark.

So, what is the significance of the “left” shark…does it want to save the whales or something?

Can some one design one of katy perry flying on a star that says The More You Know… id buy that lol

Funny, the rest of us were watching Katy Perry.

“In for one for my kid.”

  • What the producer of halftime show thought as he (she) put this one together this year.

Almost sounds pedophilic to drool over KP at HT show… The sharks are circling

Go Go Left Shark!

Completely agree. This shirt has managed to brilliantly beat the dead horse of a joke, and become extremely irrelevant in almost record time. Pass.

Just here to add my support for these thoughts. Funny joke for a couple days, but its already passed.

That seems very shortsighted of you. Just imagine, years from now, pulling that shirt out of a long-neglected box and wearing it to your Super Bowl LVII party. Two people will point and smile, and the rest will look puzzled until you try to explain the whole Katy-Perry-Left-Shark thing to them, after which they’ll just look bored.

Would you deny yourself such an opportunity?!

Alas, the National Felons League stops using Roman numerals next year - yes, it’s Superb Owl 50, not L. Therefore, you’ll be pulling this shirt out for Super Bowel 57.

So, I bought this. It’ll be a great gag gift for my daughter for her birthday in a month. We watched the superbowl together and spent the entire halftime show being critical of the content, because it amused us (look at the puppet guys! is that an electric guitar with no electricity?)

I truly hope no one is buying this for anything other than ironicness

During the halftime show, Right Shark had crisp, clean moves, while Left Shark had, as someone on the Internet put it, “violent disregard for choreography.” His moves weren’t well-coordinated with the others, and at parts he seemed to just decide to do his own thing.

In something as ridiculously over-produced as a SuperBowl halftime show, I think a lot of us were happy to see an adorable screw-up.

I say, come on guys. It’s time to forgive Left Shark. We all make mistakes sometimes and have our off days. Let’s all join hands and sing everyone:

I don’t know, but I think Left Shark was trying to lift Katy Perry’s dress. I mean, look at her trying to stop him. Honestly, I don’t blame him.

For reals. C’mon, in a week (or less) no one will know or care what this shirt is referring to.

But in Left Sharks defense - I gotta think it was kinda hard to see and hear what was going on outside that big foam head.