Team Meowstic

Gotta cats 'em all!

Nice print, Walzman! And you’ve just made Narfcake very happy too. Another cat shirt for Woot! :slight_smile:

First day of high school, I’m nervously sitting down to eat breakfast… Mom asks “Have you seen the cat?” I say “Yeah, he just walked behind… me.” Our expert mouser was having a pre-breakfast snack on the floor right behind my chair. Was all I could do not to barf on the spot.

Classic cat action! He’s bringing you a special gift…and you’re supposed to praise his superior hunting skills. He may be a house cat, but he still has that killer instinct.

You got that right!! One of my cats brought me a juvenile cardinal (alive but stunned, just starting to fly). I praised my little furry wannabe killer, let him in the house and let the bird go. The bird was able to fly away the next encounter he had with my hunter.

Pikachu, I chews you!


Folks, we have a winner!