Team Tesla

Alright first sucker and Radscoolian is from my state of NM.

That looks nothing like David Bowie!

Nearly perfect timing to recognize the 70th anniversary of Tesla’s death (January 7, 1943).

Second time around was the charm for poor Tesla, hiding in Edison’s shadow. Congratulations on the Double-Take Derby print, Radscoolian!

Dramatic…definitely a science is electric when you take off the lab coats makeover.

I grew up about 10 minutes from Tesla’s ill fated Wardenclyffe Tower. The distinctive metal “cage” at the top was long gone but the building remains to this day and they’re trying to save it. The more you learn about Tesla, the less you respect about Edison.

Two Tesla shirts in a matter of weeks? Shocking!

This is win on so many levels!

The guy must’ve used crates of Dapper Dan to keep his hair from frizzing out around all that static discharge!

edison was a tard compared to Tesla.

Why do schools keep insisting on brainwashing people by teaching about edison, but not Tesla?

Tesla… finger… puppet? What? XD

My near years resolution is to build a tesla coil. So of course I had to buy one.

Here is the webcomic The Oatmeal’s take on why Tesla > Edison:

OK, Nicola Tesla did NOT invent the movie. Thomas Edison did.

Guys why are fighting about immegrants? Edison was from Canada. Tesla was from Austria.

Edison wanted DC. Tesla wanted AC. What do we have? Looks like the prize goes to Nicola.

'Nough said!


Tesla is #1 and if you disagree please tell me where you live and if your house is earthquake proof.

Ironically the myth surrounding Tesla is far larger-than-life than that around Edison.

I’m starting work at Tesla Motors this month. Should be a hit with the coworkers!

Tesla - THREE times the scientist Edison was.

This shirt tells the world: I know who the real electrician is!

We call this color: Basement Black