Team Utility Gloves

Not sure if you’re aware, in the MLB section you have gloves listed for the Arizona Cardinals (NFL) and the San Jose Sharks (NHL). Also you have the Minnesota Twins (MLB) listed with the NFL gloves.

Maybe I’m missing it. Don’t these types of items usually have a size? I want some, but don’t want to be too small.

Iowa and Iowa State are sold out yet the map shows “0 wooters wooting” for that state. Wonder if the map doesn’t update or they have pictures of most schools whether they have them or not. :confused:

No, they don’t. I have had many pairs of these and they have always been the same size. I would say if you’re a average sized person they should fit just fine.

Why are there no Seattle Seahawks or Seattle Mariners gloves?

What, no love for West Virginia Woot! Let’s Go, Mountaineers!