Teapigs 3 Pack- Your Choice

Teapigs 3 Pack- Your Choice

Am I reading this right? $25 for about 4oz of tea?

Yep! 3 boxes with 15 tea bags each (45 total).
At least they have better pictures this time. I bought a similar batch last time (https://www.woot.com/offers/teapigs-cold-brew-teas-your-choice), when they pictured 6 boxes of 10 bags for $22, in multiple pictures - but the offer was actually only for 3 boxes (30 tea bags total); so even more expensive then this (my fault for not reading carefully, but obviously I am still salty about it)!!

It was tasty, but no where near worth the expense.

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$25 on Teaapig website. Savings of $1.00. Remember woot when it really had deals?

Did you factor in shipping?

Iā€™m seeing an $8 shipping charge for a 3 pack.