Not doing it for me. Too big of a design. I’ll pass.

Very intricate line drawing! I love it! Great job Simon.

The lady’s face is nice, but I’m not digging the rest of it. Just too much random stuff going on.


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Late getting to this shirt, like I was late getting this posted? Get it here tomorrow!

That´s a very good design, congrats!

Not bad at all…but not worth $10 for me right now, I’m afraid.

I’m glad to have an Aussie artist on my birthday!

Unfortunately, I’m not sure I want the shirt.

In for one. I like the abstract type designs–it always gets me the most complements.

I am in for one.

Congratulations on the daily.

A little too big, if anyone understands. I’m too much of a minimalist to get this one.

Very cool design, and I like the color too. This is my first woot.

woot better have a way better shirt than this for me on my bday 16 days from now (you hear that woot)!

I may sound like a total girl, but can we have some colors other than black or navy…It is Spring, almost Summer.

Did anybody notice the abstract T-Shirt designs worn by characters in ‘The Wire?’ Those shirts make these look tame, but they are still pretty cool. Whoever designed them got some fantastic marketing out that.

I like the overall design and style. The whole teardrop thing is a bit too depressing of a subject for me though and the woman seems a bit out of place as she is the only large recognizable object in the design.

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!!

check his site out.

doods got artistic skills. this work isnt representative… prolly cause he knows you woot people don’t care about caviar.

I bought one for my wife. No, my wife. I swear!! I’m not into this emo crap. STOP IT! Your making me feel bad… :frowning: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I totally agree!

i’m a sucker for navy…

love the design, like others have said, the big intricate designs have gotten me the most compliments