Teatulia Tea Sampler - Three Pack

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Teatulia Tea Sampler - Three Pack [Single Garden District] - $15.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Teatulia Black, 1 * Neem Nectar, 1 * Bengal Breakfast

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This is really good tea although to a tea layman like myself I don’t notice much difference with other more ordinary (and cheaper) teas

I got this tea last time it was on. Still have some left.

The black tea was my favorite, very smooth.
The breakfast tea was ok. Nothing special or memorable.
The Neem Nectar was the only one I really didn’t like. For me it was very bitter.

I bought two packs last time and really love them - I still have enough less I won’t get more now, but they’re on my ‘must always have around’ list!

Picked this tea up last time woot offered it and I love it, all three have a delightful, yet not too overpowering taste, and the tea bags a few uses if you’re in the mood for another cup of tea when you finish the first I can usually get about 3 cups from one bag.

I got these teas when they were (I think) $19.99. They’re pretty good, but they all sort of taste the same (since I’m guessing they’re all mostly the same black tea). They’re also a little bit weak - I usually have to use two bags per cup. I like them, though, overall. Not enough to buy more, though (I have plenty left - I’m usually a coffee guy and I only drink tea when I need to perk up later in the day).

Neem oil is used as a non-toxic insect repellent for things like aphids and mites. Not to dissuade anyone from making a purchase or anything… apparently, neem oil has a lot of beneficial properties for humans. Go figure.

I think being a non-toxic insect repellent for aphids and mites is a pretty beneficial property. That it’s apparently tasty and healthy as well is just gravy on the cake.

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Yup. Got this last time. A good price if you don’t count the shipping. Wish I could find this at a local retailer. How about a different flavor mix next time?

Bought these the last time they were offered on Woot. Was able to get several cups out of each bag. Just used the last bag. Perfect timing Woot. In for two this time.

Can anyone tell me how well the bags expand with the tea when they are steeped? I usually brew my tea loose-leaf in a filter pitcher thingie, but these might be handy for travel. I just hate it when the tea leaves can’t completely “unfurl” inside the bag. I know, I sound like a tea geek…

Anything from a neem tree - leaves, flowers - is extremely bitter. Supposed to be good for you though!

If I had any sense, I would say they are fantastic and you should buy three, because I’m really hoping some one thousand one comes up soon, but…

I’m really into tea. If you are really into tea, too, I’m not sure I could recommend these.

1)They come in bags. Pyramid bags, which are actually okay (I do have a brand of tea that comes in pyramid bags that I really like, but this isn’t it), but bags none the less.

2)I really wish the flavors had more complexity. To be fair, I’ve been drinking a lot of blends lately.

3)The neem is (sorry) not my cup of tea. Very odd tea drinking experience.

4)Breakfast tea is good, but in the end it’s just breakfast tea, which is a very basic sort of tea. Perhaps you love breakfast tea? This may work out for you.

I guess for the price, I was just underwhelmed? If you aren’t really into tea and you just like some basic blacks, then I say get 'em.

Otherwise? Meh.

Given the material and the shape of the bags, they seem to unfurl nicely. You will likely be quite pleased.

Easy answer? Better than standard tea bags, but still not as good as loose.

Traveling might be a good reason to have some on hand. PG tips come in pyramid bags, by the way, as do some of the surprisingly good Lipton blends.

Got these last time they were around and I have to say, they are all great.

I didn’t notice a huge difference between the black and breakfast blends. The breakfast may have been a bit stronger. Loved the neem nectar tea…very unique, yummy flavor.

The pyramid style bags provide a lot better expansion than the usual envelope type. Definitely not as much expansion as loose-leaf (obviously) but good enough, and much easier! No measuring or straining or anything…just drop the bag in, pour on some hot water and enjoy!

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I do not like tea, but my Husband loves it. I got these for him last time and he has really enjoyed them. He gets 2 - 3 cups a bag. Just a few days ago he asked me to get more if I saw it on here again. I’m so glad to see these again. He will be thrilled.