Teatulia Tea Sampler - Three Pack



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Teatulia Tea Sampler - Three Pack [Single Garden District] - $15.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Teatulia Black, 1 * Neem Nectar, 1 * Bengal Breakfast

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Bye bye Ty.


Got this tea pack during it’s regular wooting. I like all 3 flavors, probably the bengal breakfast the best. Very strong, can make 2 cups from each little baggie. Which is good because it’s a little pricey for tea, in my opinion, but tasty!


Highly recommend these teas iced or hot. Picked them up last time around.


Does anyone know if any of the three (or all three) are decaf???


Too expensive woot.


Neem Nect was my fav. Got the max the last time around. About to flip a coin to re order or not.


Definitely not the breakfast or the black tea. I am not sure about the neem.


■Notice: Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take Neem. Neem should not be administered to children.

What is dangerous about “neem”? Isn’t that a Muppet?



The (subsequently) Pakistani scientist Salimuzzaman Siddiqui was the first scientist to bring the plant to the attention of phytopharmacologists. In 1942 (Pakistan was separated from India in 1947) while working at the Scientific and Industrial Research Laboratory at Delhi University, India, he extracted three bitter compounds from neem oil, which he named nimbin, nimbinin, and nimbidin respectively.[1] The seeds contain a complex secondary metabolite azadirachtin.

Neem seed oil has also been found to prevent implantation and may even have an abortifacient effect similar to pennyroyal, juniper berries, wild ginger, myrrh and angelica. The effects were seen as many as ten days after fertilization in rats though it was most effective at no more than three days. (Sinha, et al., 1984); (Lal et al., 1985). In a study on rats, neem oil was given orally eight to ten days after implantation of the fetus on the uterine wall. In all cases, by day 15, the embryos were all completely resorbed by the body. The animals regained fertility on the next cycle showing no physical problems. Detailed study of the rats revealed increased levels of gamma interferon in the uterus. The neem oil enhanced the local immune response in the uterus.(Mukherjee, 1996) Post coital use of neem oil as birth control does not appear to work by hormonal changes but produces changes in the organs that make pregnancy no longer viable (Tewari, 1989) (Bardham, 1991).


Teatulia is a cool shop/farm. they’re brand new in india or somewhere like that. they sent me some samples to review a while back. i blog about teas @ the green tea review (google it). if the teatulia review isn’t around, it means i didnt like the stuff and the post would have turned into a hate fest.

Q: Is there a bottle of cr4p/case of cr4p that comes up?


This is a really great price. If I remember correctly each one of these sold for ~$14 at the Boudin shop in San Francisco.


I bought some last time around here. I like all three (the neem is bitter, but I like bitters), but not madly so. I feel it more of a do-good thing to support the efforts of a self-sustaining tea-producing cooperative, if that’s the proper term. The tea is good; the value is up to you.


I love this tea! It is great for a pick-me-up in the morning or in the middle of the day. Very refreshing, light and crisp.


What kind of wine is this?


nope, thats strictly regular woot. How cool would that be though?


Ha, I’d love to buy a case of poop :P.

PS…This tea needs to leave…I was all stoked for excessive wine purchases tonight.


I bought this last time there was a woot with it, not bad- wouldn’t buy at full price though


$21 for 48 cups of tea