Teatulia Tea Sampler - Three Pack

I bought this last time because my wife’s a tea drinker. She says all of them are very good.


When I first saw this I thought Tia Tequilla had come out with a tea line and I was equally disgusted and curious.

My first Wine.Woot purchase, from back in January! (I think it was also up in a recent Woot-Off as well.)

We still have most of it left, since SWMBO isn’t big on black teas and I don’t drink it that often. It’s decent, but kind of weak - you really need to use two bags to a cup.

my wallet may be safe until i get home…

These teas were… not my cup of tea (sorry).

First of all they are in bags. Pyramid bags, which are better than regular bags, but still bags.

The black tea was very dull. I know, it’s just a black tea and I should be nice. The breakfast tea was drinkable and what you’d expect from a breakfast tea blend. I don’t normally drink breakfast tea blends, so that’s all me.

But the neem. Oh, the neem. I can’t actually tell you what it tastes like, because I’ve apparently blocked the memory. I remember being violently opposed to ever drinking it again, however.

So, just one (wo)man’s opinion, but there you are. I gave them all away. My friend who likes breakfast tea blends seemed happy anyway.

I’m sure of it, god I hope they don’t have a lot of these…

Interesting - we haven’t had any problems with the tea being weak. Just the opposite - we’ve taken the bag out of the cup & kept it for the next day, then used it again and both cups were fine.

Forgive me for a rather newbish question, but why is this on WINE.woot?
Do you guys branch out into other stuff like how Woot.com sells steaks and stuff sometimes?

Mug size is trending upward these days, it’s possible that some folks are steeping their tea in an excess of water for just too little time per volume. I found two of these delightful - but the neem certainly makes its presence felt in a most unsneemly fashion.

I actually thought these were quite strong. Good for two uses each. I have bought these twice and am in for a third time. Great stuff to wake you up in the morning!

Same opinions here. It is decent, just not nearly strong enough. If you are a fan of lighter flavored teas it’s great, but if not be prepared to use more then one bag and heat your water very hot. To the point most other teas give up and cry. So want to like this, just a fan of stronger flavors.

These teas are fantastic! The Neem is to die for. I’d be in, except that I recently received a bunch of other teas and they are taking up too much space in my tea spot!

I much perfer the Tetulia White and Earl of Bengal much more than these offered here. More of a Earl Grey flavor.

Take one for the team, buy this decent tea for a gift, and let’s move onto the next real woot (maybe some Corison?). Afterall, I have my Venturi coming and look forward to running a newly received woot through it.

Yeah. Wine.woot! will feature – along with wine, of course – gadgets, fine foods and oils, occasionally coffee or tea, and sweets.

Neem tea??? I bought a product with Neem in it to remove the calluses from my heels! Scary tea…

Are these fresh or same batch?
I bought them last time and thought they were blah.

Edit: I’m a coffee drinker excuse my bias.

tea BAGS? Are you serious? Time to grow up folks & actually brew your tea like it is suppose to be. You know all the *$@p goes in the teabags, don’t you? Or has no one here ever actually worked in a cannery situation?