Teatulia Tea Sampler - Three Pack

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Big-time server issues today. I bet the code monkeys are busy.

Hoping its not a refurb fingers crossed

Pffft. I want my caramels.


Is this product as good as a hot cocoa sampler box?

I got these on a previous wooting, and they are pretty good. They make very strong tea - so be sure to remove the bag soon after steeping and even save it for a second round of tea. I find the teas get bitter if I leave it in for too long. That said, they have a nice intense flavor, so I recommend them.

Quite a while ago, got a Teatulia Sampler via Woot, but it was like a 6 or 8 varity sampler. Of these three on offer, the Neem Nectar is my favorite, light, slightly sweet, good hot or iced, but I prefer it iced. The Bengal Breakfast and Black teas were both good, they lacked the unique flavors of the Neem Nectar, but they were certainly all good.

I have saved an enormous amount of money over the last 24 hours that I’m kinda ready to spend. :wink: I hope this woot-off continues for awhile, because I’m still waiting for some great wine to pop up!

re Neem tea, from Wikipedia:

I bought this last time. If I recall correctly, it’s bitter and medicinal. The others two types are tea-like and fine.

I was wondering if any tried using it to Cure Head Lice?

Nay, it’s light and sweet. Perhaps raw neem is bitter and medicinal? I don’t know…

Love Love LOOOOOVE this tea! In fact, I am having a cup right now of the Black Tea. Great afternoon pick-me-up!

In for 1, hopefully there will be no foul ups about not being 21, even if there is I can get a roommate to sign for it.

Exactly how big are the tea bags? If the leaves are as large as the description implies, then the bags should be pretty big themselves to allow for the leaves to expand properly,

And I’m assuming that these are black tea varieties?

Been looking for some good, strong tea. In for one.

I’m drinking a cup of the Bengal Breakfast Tea right now!

I went in for two, in part to make up for my caramel woes and in part because I’ve been excitedly waiting for this one to show back up.

The tea bags are pretty large, they’re the pyramid-shaped mesh kind. Eyeballing it, maybe an inch and a half each side?

I use one tea bag a day and brew several cups out of it.

I don’t have to be at my house when tea shows up through wine.woot like when wine does, right?