Teatulia Tea - Six Pack

Teatulia Tea - Six Pack
$29.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Single Garden Direct
1 Teatulia White
1 Teatulia Green
1 Bengal Breakfast
1 Teatulia Black
1 Earl of Bengal
1 Neem Nectar

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Anyone know if these would make a kickin’ sun tea? We keep looking for a brand that works, but can’t get no satisfaction.

I’ve never tried this tea, but I’m disappointed that they’re tea bags.

Loose leaf all the way.

Looks like wine.woot is back to being gourmet.woot for the next few days.

Never had wine.woot freeze at 12 a.m…Anyway, are these teas packaged in wooden containers? Can’t really tell on the bigger picture.

Kinda hard to take the Nestea Plunge with these dry-assed leaves!
I’ll get them anyway since the GF like this stuff.

Not my thing…so I guess I have a few days before I need to come back to wine.woot…

My husband is happy, I’m sure.

So what’s the cellar window on these? :tongue:


I’m in for one just to try it out. Much more expensive on their site.


Don’t know about these, but my family has always had the best sun tea from Paradise Tropical Tea.

They also have it in Decaf, and other flavors as well.

Sun tea? Iced tea? Best way is to cold brew. Use less tea than you think you need in a glass container, water and put in the fridge. Wait 12-24 hours and enjoy great tea that won’t melt the ice and get watered down.

When you make sun tea you’re putting organic vegetable material in warm water, a great environment for bacteria.

By the way, you probably shouldn’t be making sun tea. The water never gets hot enough to kill off the bacteria on the leaves or in the water, and that can make you ill. Kind of like a case of food poisoning in every cup!

I checked around just to make sure this was actually correct - my dad always warned us against it, and I was unsure as to whether it was just an “old dad’s tale” or held any truth - turns out dad was right.

So the only kickin’ you’ll do with sun tea is kickin’ yourself in the head for not taking the three to five minutes it takes to boil some water.

Now, I’m a bit of a tea snob as an advocate of loose leaf teas, but doesn’t $30 for 96 (6x16) cups of tea seem a little pricey?

4 ounces of loose leaf tea generally will make around 50 cups (more if your tea is good for multiple infusions, like most green teas). So in terms of price comparison, you would buy about 8 ounces of loose leaf tea in order to make as many cups as this offer. So are you really getting more bang for your buck with this woot than you would for loose leaf teas that run $15/4 oz, or less?

You can buy some of the better teas in the world for $15/4 oz at a reliable tea seller. Above that price range you’re talking about rare hand-made teas (which run about $18-$30/4 oz in my experience).

So to anybody who has had this brand, do you really get comparable quality of tea as you would with say, a $9/4 oz Assam Sessa TGFOP or a nice (but inexpensive) green like Chun Mee or Pi Lo Chun?

Pretty good deal, it’s twice the price on their web site. I’m also a big proponent of loose leaf, but I’ve used that type of pyramid shaped tea bags with good results. They are much bigger than the usual kind and allow the tea room to expand for better flavor. I have not tried this brand of tea before.

Loose tea recipe: Remove tea from container, place in brewing vessel. Container can be a tin, box or bag.

Yea, if you click on each title of the tea down below it shows the tea bags. nice touch.

Thanks woot :slight_smile: Got me a set.