Tech Bat-signal: KableTown broke ClearQAM, any ideas?

I don’t know how many of you use a TV tuner with your computer. Recently KableTown decided to “upgrade” their system to digital, and that means my Elgato tuner can no longer read channels – they all come up “Encrypted.” This even includes the locals. KableTown would be happy to sell me a box to read these channels, but I would have to change the channels on the box, meaning the DVR functionalities and recording scheduling of the tuner and its software is effectively useless.

Does anyone know a fix that doesn’t involve paying KableTown more money for a worse experience? I don’t know if Elgato is working on one or not, but I’m all ears. Already paying for cable, but KableTown thinks I’m not paying enough. Help!

I’m fairly certain that you can use a CableCard (a.k.a. M-CARD) tuner with most any digital provider in the U.S. The downside is that these are expensive for a pc. $150 on up new. The upside, no monthly fee, and most have multiple tuners built in.
I don’t have any real experience with these, but when I did my HTPC research I looked into it because I didn’t know if I would need one or not. It looks as easy as setting up any other tuner.

Oh, there is a possibility that they may want to rent the cablecard to you. Although most don’t.

Here’s the wiki page to help you along.

Good luck.