Tech Fall Garage Sale

The poorly photoshopped pic freaks me out.

it’s a tech woot-off

Does anyone know if the mi button stickers work for the Galaxy S4 phones?

not sure about the compatibility with the s4, but they’re available for less on amazon once you factor in shipping, plus you have the option of returning them.

Thanks, Luke!

What’s the displacement of the engine on the RC Buggy?

TRENDnet TPL-306E2K is cheaper on Amazon , only $39.99 with free shipping as compared to woot $44.99 + $5 shipping.

good catch. sad I spend most of my time checking woots prices instead of buying things on here.

No idea but here’s 2 videos:

haha yes, ROGETRAY, I DO see Beyonce, I thought it was just me! haha that’s hilarious though!
it looks like someone def photoshopped that pic…prob took her face and put it on someone else’s body…which is exactly what it looks like… very out of proportion and very badly done, LOL! :Op

Agreed… I had to post here just to slam the poor photoshopping… I think that is Beyonce wedged in there

For those interested in a PlayStation Move controller, Amazon has a seller with shipping ( for $25.94

Awww man!! Sold out of the Avid Vocal Studios already! :frowning: Darn it! Missed it.

Aw, was hoping that one of the Woot Garage sales would have some Jay-Z tickets. Or at least some Dereon Jeans.

I just got that gomdand Monster 128241-00 FlatScreen Articulating Mount for TVs 10" to 27" Wide not even a week ago and now they dropped the price $3. woot, WOOT OFF!

Isn’t there supposed to be another half to the controller? (The thing with the joystick.)

Here is the pink Kogeto Camera Lense for 19.99 + free shipping with prime!

30 LED light is cheaper and with free shipping here until 9/30

Ordered this on 08/22/13 still has not arrived. Got an email advising it may ship 09/24- 10/07. ordered one here, even if it does cost $5.00 to ship.