Tech Garage Sale

OK, good, umm, then, (nods)

I’m interested in the Dazzle there, which is cheaper than I’ve ever found it for the HD version. I’m not sure if this specific one will record N64 footage. I have a different capture card for my HD gaming stuff (Diamond GS500), but that device won’t capture the N64 or lower, because that outputs at 240i (which is kinda crazy).

I’m just a LITTLE ticked off that the Marley buds dropped 50% two weeks after I ordered a pair. Thanks woot.

Looks like you ordered it about 3 weeks ago. We do lower prices from time to time to keep inventory moving.

So mad that I missed out on the Eton box. I love the first one I bought 1 month ago. She is green but what ever. I need another one for our Christmas Pollyanna. When will woot well the solar powered one?!

Bought 3 recently. Not one of them work with my HP Laptop. These suck…

This thread covers all of the items available on this side sale.

To which item are you referring?

IS this “thinkpad” a good deal?

I’ve bought the wireless car mice in the past & think they are pretty cool… They do eat batteries though (but hey, most luxury cars aren’t know for great fuel economy either…). I’m in for 1 more, nice gift for the car enthusiast in every family!

I like just about everything about it…especially the keyboard, which is the type I find easiest to type on.

What is preventing me from pulling the trigger:

  1. Max RAM is 8gb, not 16
  2. USBs are only 2.0—not even one is 3.0.
    But if that doesn’t matter to you, I think this is a decent deal compared to prices/specs I find elsewhere.

Well, so far, so bad. Just received my Dazzle Video Creator and the software disc is bad. Makes a rattling sound in my DVD drive, in fact. Then, I tried to find support, and Pinnacle’s site is very unfriendly and un-navigable, never found the “support code” that was supposed to come with my registration email. This sucks!

Try emailing their support. I’ve worked with Pinnacle in the past and they had good support. If all else fails, email to see what they suggest.