Tech Garage Sale

Thank you Woot for putting the 5.99 headphones back up. I missed them in the last Woot Off

I’d shy away from those supposedly refurbished Koss 2-piece amplified computer speakers…bought them last time around, and the volume control doesn’t work — so much for “amplified.” They are about as loud as my laptop speakers.

Sent a message to Woot last Thursday about this…as of Tuesday morning, have received no reply…

The uNu chargers for 4s (and probably 5) are inferior. Works fine for about a week, then you have to take the iphone out of the charger case and charge both if you want both fully charged. I was really disappointed. Wait for Mophie refurbs.

Silly question: Did you put batteries in them or get a power adapter for them? Other wise, they might only function like non-powered headphones.

Since they don’t come with a power adapter, I put fresh batteries in them…they work, the volume control does not.

What makes the “TRENDnet TEW-647GA N300 Wireless Gaming Adapter” specifically for gaming?

Probably nothing except there tend to be other (cheaper) options for non-gaming uses. This doesn’t rely on drivers like the cheap usb wifi adapters, so you should be able to use it with anything with an ethernet port. (TVs, consoles, computers, etc)

The Avid Vocal Studio… I’m assuming the mic is what is refurbished, and not the Avid Pro-Tools part of it?

Can anyone explain why if it uses an HDMI input that the PVR would only work w/XBOX360 and not PS3 (or any device using HDMI).

I know there is a handshake between devices using HDMI, but can’t see why it would only recognize an input from XBOX.

Uhmmmmmmmmmmm, yes.

the ps3 uses hdcp format of hdmi, Xbox uses something else lol, and because of this a special cable needs to be used. You can just google a tutorial of the set up, when you buy it from happauge directly you get a special cable for the ps3 idk if woot offers it. But yea it’s still a great deal since they are going for about 130 on amazon and ebay
Edit: yikes! I just saw that on this specific one offered on woot has the ac cable disabled, so the ps3 won’t work, only hdmi options are available so what shares the same type of hdmi protocol as the Xbox is supported, that’s probably why it’s so cheap

Because the PS3’s HDMI is encrypted and you cannot record off of it. The XBOX’s is not. PS3’s AV is un-encrypted and the PVR has a port for that BUT it is non functioning on these units, possibly a manufacturing error, which is the reason for this deal. They can’t sell this on regular retail with that error.

So, I thought I’d share an update — for no other reason than this has gone beyond ridiculous:

A few minutes ago (9/5, 10:30am) I finally received a reply from Woot about my non-functioning speakers.

However, I was told that my account would be credited because “unfortunately, we don’t have any replacements in stock”…

Apparently, the “Koss 2-pc amplified computer speakers” currently being offered in “Tech Garage Sale” don’t really exist.

We’re sorry for the mix-up!

You should be getting an email from shortly with more information.

LOL! Yes, “we don’t have any more in stock” is their standard response when you have trouble with an item. What that translates to is, “Look, guy, it would be more work for us to dig one out of the warehouse to send you as a replacement, so we’re just going to credit your account.”

[QUOTE=bruce57, post:3, topic:395128]
I’d shy away from those supposedly refurbished Koss 2-piece amplified computer speakers…bought them last time around, and the volume control doesn’t work — so much for “amplified.” They are about as loud as my laptop speakers.

I also made the mistake of purchasing these Koss speakers months ago. Mine were even less efficient than yours. I tried using a power supply and then batteries, but no sound came out when the unit was turned on. I threw them in the trash where they belonged.

I bought the electric guitar pack for dummies. Instead of a pitch pipe, I received an electronic tuner (arguably more valuable for most people). I’m not sure what make/model this is – it didn’t say here on woot and there’s no model information on the guitar itself. The guitar is sweet, the amp is great. The pull-tabs that were attached to the zippers on the “gig bag” that the guitar came in (all-malleable cloth/plastic carrying case) broke as soon as I tried to zip the bag shut. I put some safety pins into the zippers to give me something to grab onto and they slide just great. All in all, I’m really happy with this set, and I think the set is a little cheap, and I’m excited to have a new instrument. :slight_smile:

Update: I emailed the company about this and shortly afterward they sent me a new bag. They even threw in some complimentary picks. The picks are, well, I’m an older old-school person, but I’m sure you young’uns would love a pick with a holographic skull on it, a pick with a plastic skull on it, a pick in the shape of a skull, and a holographic pick with a tarantula sitting on a person’s face. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, free picks are free picks – at least I won’t be cutting up a bleach bottle any time soon in search of a pick.