Tech Garage Sale

Is she available?

Just so no-one makes the same mistake as me, the SteelSeries Spectrum 7xb Wireless Gaming Headset only works as a headset with mic on the XBOX 360. On a PC it is headphones with no mic only.

It says this in the description, but I missed it.

That being said they are very nice wireless headphones on the PC. They do not have a separate audio driver, the wireless is a box you connect to the audio jack on the PC and is powered by USB.

I’m guessing they didn’t read the comments about the photoshop garage sale girl last time.

Creepy girl is creepy.

We read them. We liked them. She draws attention. We like attention. :tongue:

Check prices guys! For example, the Swann Wireless Home Alarm is available for the same price at Woot’s home Amazon with free shipping for Prime members! I’m sure there are other similar cases, so Caveat Emptor!

Here’s an old sale with the original stock image. (and some blue-robed cult members apparently)

Why the Beyonce face swap? Why remove the cult members/forever lazy enthusiasts? Why the hovering objects? How deep does this rabbit hole go?

What’s that? Cost reduction and efficiency you say? Now that’s just ridiculous.

Is that Beyonce?

Any laymen’s terms benefit to getting 250w 8" over 100w 8"?

Also, why are the 8" 250w listed twice?

Also Also, why does the 8" 100w list this Frequency Response: 35Hz - 85Hz but the other two (50 and 250) list this: Frequency Response: 35 - 250 Hz and 35 - 250 Hz respectively?

Woot is seriously pissing me off lately…
Emerson EVC-355-WH 720p ActionCam Digital Camera with Waterproof Case & Mounting Kit for $39.99 on Woot.

Emerson EVC-355-WH 720p ActionCam Digital Camera with Waterproof Case & Mounting Kit for 32.99 on Amazon and you know about prime…blah blah blah.

Only difference is the color. I don’t care about color.

I don’t even know why I come here any more.

…and for reference here is the link.

It’s hard to keep up with the fluctuating prices, especially in the electronics world. If you look at this item on camelcamelcamel, you’ll see that the price has been dropping day-by-day.

Then stop trying to keep up with prices and blow them away. Seriously, I’ve wooted for a bit and when I first started coming here the deals were always amazing and I had to force myself to NOT buy every woot. Now you have so many woot categories and the deals are so underwhelming that it’s more like a different layout for amazon than it is anything close to the deal a day offering you used to be.